Welcome to desi pandora

Open this Pandora’s box specially crafted to parcel out awareness and understanding about myriad things. A pandora box is a sort of a gift box which contains various things inside it. In the same way our desi pandora gives you a chance to become au courant with current information on varied topics namely Personal development , beauty ,Fashion ,health everyday hacks to make life simpler ,travel etc and meliorate your life. The raison d’être of this startup is to contribute our bit to make the surroundings better. If this initiative could brings a positive change in other’s life then I will consider it as a success. Nobody is perfect , neither are we I but I feel we all have something to learn and assimilate from others and somethings to share.I am bestowing what I have and what I have acquired from others. Send me your precious feedback. Constructive criticism and suggestions will be thoroughly welcomed.