Travelling to Udaipur? Follow these tips to make your Udaipur travel even more fun !

Traveling to Udaipur

                                                             Travelling to Udaipur

Travelling to Udaipur – This city situated in Rajasthan, India is not just another tourist attraction rather an unabridged newfangled way of life. Udaipur is nothing like any other city of Rajasthan comprising of cosmic deserts, heat, and forts only. So if you are expecting it to be a typical Rajasthani city then get ready to be in dismay. This elegant city also vowed to be “Venice of the East ” boasts of several lakes, water bodies, greenery, mountains and numerous other architectural wonders. There are boundless things to see here and-and umpteen things to do. This city shouts romance; there is a certain aura of amour surrounding the place that you will find yourself in a romantic reverie. Maybe that’s the reason that this city is one of the most preferred choices for pre-wedding shoots, destination weddings, and honeymoons.

If you are planning for Travelling to Udaipur for any of the aforementioned reasons then I have compiled a list of few do’s and Don’ts one must follow while travelling to this regal city.

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Traveling to Udaipur ! A list of do’s and Don’ts worth consideration

1. How to reach ?

There are multiple options available. You can either travel to Udaipur via

i) Flight (Available from all major cities) ii) Train or iii) By Road ( Bus or Train)

Udaipur is situated at a distance of about 665 km from Delhi, about 753 km from Mumbai, 393 km away from Rajasthan state capital Jaipur and 265 km from Ajmer.

2. Best time to visit & Weather

Best time for Travel To Udaipur would be from November to February. Also, you might consider visiting Udaipur during monsoons i.e. during July to September. This place metamorphoses into a paradise on earth during monsoons. Generally, weather remains pleasant during months of November to February. Although December end and January might be bit cold during nights. Avoid a visit in between the period of April to June as the weather is intolerably hot thereby sullying your sightseeing experience.

3. Hotels

There are multifarious places to stay in Udaipur ranging from ultra-luxury hotel chains to boutique hotels to havelis, Zostels to budget hotels. To be precise there is a place suited to everyone’s budget. If you are planning to go there for your honeymoon I would suggest you opt for a hotel facing Lake Pichhola. Anyways it is always desirable to stay in the middle of the city rather than staying in one of the hotels on the outskirts of Udaipur. Not only it will save your time commuting to and fro but also you can go and take a stroll in the markets whenever you want to.

4. It’s better to walk while in old city

Go shank’s pony and prefer walking in the old city rather than hiring an auto (Tuktuk) or worst of it a car. You would not want to get stuck in a traffic jam and waste your precious sightseeing stint. The lanes of the old city are too congested and there is a jam most of the times. Also, you will get a closer look at the lifestyle of the city.

5. Do not depend on your guide entirely, Do your own research too

Your guide might tell you only the common stuff and is likely to give you typical run on the mill deets. Also, there are many hidden places which might entice your attention. So a better way would be to take a local person into your confidence and take information from them. Moreover, there is always the universal guide i.e. the mighty Internet. So be your own torch bearer in order to carry off your sojourn well.

6. People are friendly, Language is generally no problem

People of Udaipur are generally very friendly and hospitable. Many of them speak English well or if they don’t then there is always someone around to help. Still, If you would want to know some words in the Hindi language which might help you in interacting with the locals kindly check this list below:-

i) Hello – ” Namastey ” ii) Thank you – ” Dhanyawaad ” iii) How much is this for? – Kitne ka hai ? iv) I don’t want – ” Nahi chahie”

7. Visit the lakes early morning to experience the most beautiful view

If you want to observe the real beauty of Udaipur and its lakes it is recommended to go for an early morning stroll alongside the lakes. I bet this is one striking panorama you would not want to miss.


8. Do not get in web of touts

There might be so many touts who would try to convince you to go visit their commissioned shopping places but do not trust them blatantly. Furthermore, it is a good idea to reconfirm the pricing and all with a local fellow or from the representatives of the hotel where you are staying at.

9. How to deal with Beggars?

Beggary is a rampant problem in the tourist places all over India. The best way to deal with beggars is to not react towards them and give importance to them at all. Do not give them anything as an alm or help since it will prompt them and other beggars to follow you further.

10. Carry an insect repellent

Do make it a point to rub mosquito repellent cream on your body and carry an insect repellent with you. Take extra care since you do not want to take dengue or malaria as a token of remembrance from here.

11. Go for a full boat cruise rather small boat rides and motor boat ride

There are multiple kinds of boat rides available at Pichhola lake and Fateh Sagar lake.There is a full 45 minutes boat cruise which is boarded from Pichhola and passes through all the lakes and ghats of Udaipur.

There is a minimum requirement of 8 people for this boat cruise. Add this to your list of must to do things of Udaipur to take this boat cruise. You can skip all other boat rides for that matter but opt for this one. You will feel like you are in Venice. If possible go for this ride particularly in evening. If you fancy, you can book the whole boat for yourself too.

12. Duration of the stay

Duration of three days is sufficient to experience the artistry of Udaipur. If you are planning an Udaipur trip 3 days are more than enough for this royal Mewar city.

13. Try not to invest a full day at city palace

Undoubtedly City palace is one of the best pieces of a ramble with so much artistry, history and Royal splendour to offer. But try not to invest a full day in city palace or you might miss an array of other tourist attractions.

14.Rules to follow  while visiting Ranakpur Temple

If you are intending on a visit to nearby Ranakpur temple then do make it a point to wear nothing obscene and body revealing, prefer wearing full sleeves. Besides no leather items like your belt, shoes, purse and not allowed. The camera is also a big No-No at Ranakpur temple.

15. Safety

Although Udaipur is a considerably safe city but still avoid going out alone after 1 or 2 o A.M. at night. Women are advised not to accept drinks or food from complete strangers. Whenever opting for a taxi or an auto go over and double-check the way with the GPS too.

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