Travelling to Singapore ? Some do’s and Dont’s worth consideration


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Singapore is a live example of a city which is man made wonder. Singapore has been seen as a manifestation of modern life with smooth roads, luxury lifestyle, sky high buildings, love for fashion & several amazing nonpareil wonders such as universal studios, night safari, river safari, Singapore eye, marina bay and scores of other such artefacts. So if you want to experience city life & that too in  the limited budget  then Singapore is the go-to destination for you. However there certain things which you must keep in mind to make your Singapore travel more convenient and Fun.  

1. Be on time

This is one suggestion that you need to pay attention to very seriously. Singaporeans are very much particular about the punctuality and even a two minute last can cost you an entire day. If your pickup has been arranging for 7 o clock then 7 means 7. We were told by our travel agency that the cab would pick up at 9 A.M. in the morning but we got a bit late (which was not late by our standards though) and reached to hotel’s pickup area by 9:03 A.M. And to our utmost horror we could see our cab speeding away. Spoiled our day but yeah got a lesson for life. Manisha Sharma 27, India

2. Don’t refer the cab chauffeur as “Driver” rather captain

Singaporeans chauffeur might find it offensive to be referred to as a driver. Instead, they prefer to call themselves as captain or sir. So while travelling in a cab better watch out your tongue and call them captain with respect.

3. Do not litter

This is one good etiquette to keep in mind while travelling to any place whatsoever. But you need to make allowance for this habit very seriously while in Singapore since even dropping a small wrapper might land you up paying a hefty fine of more than 1000 Singaporean dollar. I am sure you would not want that. Be extra cautious.

4. Do not smoke in public

Do not smoke in air-conditioned  places such as malls, restaurants etc. Always look out for designated smoking zones to smoke. It is always better to reconfirm rather than get humiliated later.

5. Do not talk through your hat about Singapore, it’s people or politics

Singaporeans are extremely sensitive about their country and politics so it’s a gold idea not to make small talk about their country and politics in whatsoever regard. They would not welcome an outsider talking about their country with little information. Besides Never ever say anything negative about their country. They are not going to take an armchair critic in good regards.

6. Do not expect much warmth and hospitality

Singaporeans are by nature nonchalant and don’t engage in useless chit chats. Although this demeanour is not intentional but it might be construed as inhospitable. So unlike other Asian countries do not expect out of the world hospitality.

7. Sunscreen is a must

Singapore is usually hot throughout the year and the average temperature is 30 degree Celsius. Therefore do not forget to carry sunscreen ranging anywhere between 30 SPF to 50 SPF.

8. Traffic conditions and public transport

An international driving permit is very well applicable in Singapore so if you want to  rent and drive the vehicle yourself it is easy. Nevertheless remember folks traffic situations are not very good there in Singapore and it’s always a better idea to go for public transport instead. It will save you both time and money.

9. Take care of your belongings

Singapore is a safe city indeed but still it is advisable to take care of your belongings while walking on the road. Also, like the universal travel rule says “Never keep all your money in a single bag or wear a money belt on waist while travelling through public transport “.

10. Carry water from your hotel

It is always a good idea to carry a water bottle or two from your hotel if you wanna cut up on some cost since water is not that cheap there. Tap water is also of good quality there.

11. Singapore Food

All kinds of cuisines and food are easily available in Singapore. Also, you need not stash out bulks of money on food thereby making it an excellent station to visit in the nominal budget.

12. Medicines and other stuff are easily available

Medicines, cosmetics, groceries are easily available. Therefore you need not worry about this petty stuff on the health front.

13. Keep yourself hydrated throughout

Since it is very hot in Singapore it is always advisable to drink plenty of water to keep yourself Hydrated. But cut up on caffeine & soda drinks.

14. Singapore language & People

Singapore consists of mixed races i.e. Chinese, Tamils & Malays. You might think a Tamilian is an Indian or a Chinese looking fella is Chinese. But don’t make this mistake and do not ask people of Singapore about their native whereabouts. Since they are living there since ages so they rightfully consider themselves as Singaporean do they might not take your query with good intentions. Almost everyone understands English very well and along with English, Mandarin and Tamil are also spoken by lion’s share of people.

15. What to buy in Singapore?

Singapore is not only famous for its clothes, Gold jewellery and cute superhero themed gifts but also for electronic gadgets which are available at a much lesser price than all of Asia. I myself got an I phone 6 on my last visit on a price about half of the current Indian price. Also, you can wave off GST at the airport. Beware of scammers, though. ALSO READ :- WHY SHOULD YOU PLAN TO TRAVEL LADAKH


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