Traveling to Rajasthan? A complete travel guide to make your journey hassle free.

Rajasthan Travel

Traveling to Rajasthan? A complete travel guide to make your journey hassle free.

Sunbeam on the eyes,

Castles on the highs

Deserts on the sides

Rainbow like kaleidoscopic guise

Exuberant mystique to make your spirits rise

Be prepared for your expectations to surmise

I bet with no reprise

Once you come here

It would be hard to bid goodbyes

– Chitrangi sharma

Instagram @mydesipandora


These lines or for that matter, any lines are not sufficient to define the beauty of this colorful place called “Rajasthan”. There is so much to see, so much to explore, so much to discover and so much to assimilate here. I once read somewhere that if someone wants to see true India then they must come to Rajasthan. This is that one single place which encompasses of so much culture; ethos, tradition, and heritage that I sometimes wonder how could there be an awful lot of varieties in this one locale? Once a person comes here they will go back with a tranche of their heart lying here. And that’s the reason people love to visit here again and again. In order to visit this marvelous land in a hassle free and fun way, I have recommended a few travel tips. Go through these travel tips to make your Rajasthan travel much more memorable:-  

Best time to visit

Rajasthan is an exceptionally hot state so the best time to visit would be from November to February. The temperature during these days range between 5 – 10 degrees during the night to 20-30 degrees during the day making it a perfect stretch for sightseeing. Also, I would strongly recommend you to visit Rajasthan during monsoons i.e. during July to August. I know people might suggest you otherwise that it is not safe to travel during monsoons but let me tell you one thing. Rajasthan turns into a heaven in Monsoons, not only the weather is chill & pleasant but the beauty of its monuments is at its best. I am positive that you will not regret traveling Rajasthan during monsoons.


Places to visit

If you are an art and heritage lover then I would suggest you shell out at least a week to explore Rajasthan.There are a few cities which should be on your must-visit list:-   1.Jaipur – Capital of Rajasthan. 2.Udaipur – Perfect for romance lovers, also known as the city of lakes, Venice of India.  

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  3.Jodhpur – Known as the blue city boasts of incredible forts and luxury hotels. 4.Jaiselmer – Desert city, a favorite amongst international travelers. 5.Ajmer/ Pushkar – Ajmer, a city famous for religious tourism. Dargah Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti is situated there. At a distance of about 30 km from Ajmer, Pushkar is situated which organizes many traditions festivals to entice heritage lovers. 6.Sawaimadhopur – Boasts of world famous Ranthambore National park which is a hub for lovers of tiger tourism.

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  Note: Set aside two days for each of these cities.   blank  

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Where to stay?

Rajasthan offers you a large array of options to choose from according to your budget. There are multiple places to linger on to for your stay. Few amongst them are:-
  1. Five-star Luxury hotels

  2. Boutique hotels

  3. Folklore Havelis

  4. Affordable Zostels

  5. Backpacker’s Hostel just in the middle of old city



To see the real essence of this state a tourist is propounded to travel via road. Whether it is a train journey or a road trip. Take breaks in between and go shank’s pony as and wherever it is possible, in the villages or in the old city. Click pictures there and experience the country life of Rajasthan & India. Villagers are extremely hospitable and will treat you like the god which is the motto of our state i.e. “Atithi Devo bhava“. In between the way you might find a hidden steep well or an old “Chatri ” (Cenotaph / Canopy) you never know. For local transportation, you can either take
  1. Rikshaws

  2. Autos

  3. Cabs


Be your own torch bearer

Do not leave everything on your guide. Most of the guides will take you to the most common tourist places only. That’s it why it is a good idea to do a research of your own as well or better ask a locale. They will tell you about many hidden sites. It is said about Rajasthan that “There is An untold story hidden in every other lane “. blank




Rajasthan purveys you with an assortment of amazing food options. Every place/ city is famous for a particular delicacy or multiple delicacies. Few of the Must haves foods of Rajasthan are:-
  1. Jaipur – Famous for its “ dal bati churma”, “ Lassi” and ” Lal mans”.

  1. Ajmer – Famous for its “Chats “

  1. Pushkar – Famous for “Tikkads” & “Malpuas” .

  1. Jodhpur- Famous for ” mawa kachori ” etc

  1. Alwar – Famous for its milk cakes aka “Kala kand”

  2. Bikaner – Bikaneri Bhijia and sweets

Note:  Do not consume these foods on a regular basis or you might not be able to digest it well. Also, do not consume too much roadside food.


Every city of Rajasthan has so much to cater to your shopping buds. Noted things in the field of shopping in Rajasthan are:-
  1. Colorful bags with intricate heritage work

  1. Footwear

  1. Antique decoration items

  1. Bedspread

  1. Kurtis , skirts , pajamas , dresses

  1. Garments with handmade work

  1. Shawls

  1. Jaipuri Quilts (Rajais)

  2. Accessories (neck pieces, jhumkas, bangles etc. )



Image source : Instagram@beautifuljaipur

Popular festivals in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is all about festivity, celebrations, and gaiety. In order to keep this spirit of festivity alive, there are certain festivals which are being organized from time to time. Try to coincide your travel plans with these Grand Jamborees. Below mentioned is a list of popular festivals of Rajasthan and the month in which they usually take place:-  
  1. Jaisalmer Desert Festival – Jaisalmer, February.

  1. Bikaner Camel fair – Bikaner, December or January.

  1. Holi festival – March.

  1. Teej Festival – Jaipur, August.

  1. Gangaur festival – March.

  1. Pushkar camel fair – October or November.

  1. Lantern festival – Udaipur, October or November etc.

  2. Kite fest – Jaipur, January

    Pushkar festival


Image source : Instagram@mjpiktos


People here are extremely friendly and hospitable. So much so that even if you ask for an address they will accompany you and once they drop you at your destination then only they will return.But beware of fake guides who work on commission basis. It is better to take the help of a local while traveling. blank  

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Nightlife in Rajasthan

Cities like Jaipur and Udaipur boasts of a good nightlife and have multiple pubs and nightclubs. A list of few of the prominent nightclubs in Jaipur is as follows:-
  1. Duplay – country inn
  2. House of people – Hotel Las Vegas 
  3. Kasbah- In-house disc in country inn etc.
  4. 100 Percent Rock etc.
Note: Always reconfirm the timings.  

Safety in Rajasthan

Although Rajasthan is considered a safe place but still I will suggest you not to roam alone at night. It is better to take a stroll with your companion, though. Do not accept drink or food from a stranger or from a person whom you just met for that matter. Prefer cabs at night.  

Clothing & some other tips

Since it is very hot and the sun ablaze at its very best so it is advisable to take care of your skin otherwise along with other hunky dory memories of the place, you will also be accompanied by a severe tan for months.  
  1. During day time wear full sleeved cotton clothes.
  2. Always wear sunscreen (50 SPF) even during winters otherwise, you might get sunburn.
  3. Temperature tends to drop at night during October end, November and February so carry a light jacket.
  4. It tends to be extremely chilly at night temperature ranging from 5 degrees to 15 degrees during December and January so carry a warm jacket.
  5. Ladies are advised to wear full pants while wandering in the local markets to avoid unwanted attention.
  6. Always carry a water bottle and remain hydrated.
  7. Be properly fed before going out to sightseeing.
  8. Do apply a mosquito repellent spray before going out as Rajasthan is at a risk for Dengue and chikungunya.
  So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and globe-trot through highways and byways of this Royal realm. I hope you have a wonderful experience here in “Rangeelo “(Multiple hued) Rajasthan!   Image  


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