Traveling to ‘Munnar’?? Here are some Do’s & Don’ts worth taking a look at!


The places we are going to visit always fascinates us to witness something unforgettable. But in the elation of doing an escapade, we unintentionally invite menace and might put ourselves in some dangerous circumstances. The magnificent ‘Munnar’ is carpeted with eye soothing greenery. You’re often up above the clouds watching veils of mist clinging to the mountaintops. Munnar’s beauty is just unexplained. I suggest you better visit the place yourself to explore this heavenly abode better. We have tried our level best to compile a complete travel guide for Munnar travelers. Here is a list of some tips to enhance your Munnar experience:-  

1. How to Reach Munnar?

It is said that no trip is successful without a planned travel document. From Delhi, we took a flight to Cochin airport. If you have a limited budget you may opt for Train journey too. From here you need to hire a cab to Munnar. Either you book private ones or you may opt for government run pre-paid taxis. Distance from Cochin to Munnar is approximately 110 km.  

2.Estimated expenditure

Nothing is infinite and money is not an exception. You better keep your wallet equipped with an adequate amount of money as there are lots of wonderful places to visit and countless activities to do. Resorts and hotels here are available from 1500/- INR to INR 4000/- depending on your choice. Luxury ones have a higher range. We spent 7 days in Munnar and approximate expense here is around INR 28K and it may go up if you have a shopping heart and adventurous blood flows in you.  

3.Places to see in Munnar

As Munnar is blessed with a number of amazing places, you need to sequence your schedule to stay away from fatigue and tiredness. Some of the most loved places of Munnar are –
  1. Mattupetty dam
  2. Flower valley
  3. Viripara waterfall
  4. Tea museum
  5. Photo point
  6. Kannan devan tea gardens
  7. Echo Point and much more
There are options available for some soul stirring ayurvedic massage and many adventurous camps and jeep safaris. You might opt for it.  

4.Take recommendations from local people.

Yeah, you read it right. In Munnar, nothing is catchier than spending some time with roadside vendors. The picture they show you of Munnar is so damn engrossing that you instantly modify your sightseeing plans and believe us you will come back with hell lot of cherishing moments. Also, enjoy some great lip smacking roadside foods with your loved ones.  

5.Be disciplined while visiting gardens

Munnar is one such place where love for greenery seems prime most duty of civilians, especially in the paid gardens. This is one great habit you will come across here. So it is advised not to play with trees and plants as we are sure you are not going to like if some authorized person intervenes.  

6.Food is assuredly not an issue

Fed up of Idli Sambhar in meal all the time?? Don’t worry!! Munnar will feed you whatever you want. North Indians cuisine and dishes are all time available here. Except for your Resort or hotel you are staying in, there are several restaurants in the city which serve delicious North Indian cuisines. Our recommendation is Annapurna Restaurant. It’s located in the main market of the city and you can have Rajasthani, Punjabi and Gujrati Thaalis here. And you will love it.  

7.Do Shop for their exotic Tea and Coffee

If you are a shopaholic, you must have adequate money with you as there are a number of things you will fall in love with. Being a hub of tea and coffee, Munnar won’t give you a chance to resist its assets. Shop various types of flavored tea and coffee along with some handmade candies and utensils.  

8.Hire a cab instead of driving on your own

Munnar being a hill station is exceedingly tough to drive a vehicle in. So it is advised not to take steering in your very own hands instead hire a cab to enjoy breathtaking views of this splendid city.  

9.Stay Away from tribal areas

Though people here are friendly and helpful in nature but there are some areas occupied by tribal folks. We were given an advisory from our resort administration to steer clear of these areas or be with some local guide if you ever happen to pass from these routes. So we followed the guidelines. Prevention is always better than cure.  

10.Wear trekking/Running shoes

Munnar is the city of waterfalls and mountaintops. Never make a blunder by wearing some office going shoes. Make sure you carry a comfortable pair of trekking shoes to avoid sore feet and blisters.  

11.Avoid taking late night strolls on road

Munnar is surely not favorable for couples to walk on roads after sunset as its dark all over with forests on both sides of the roads and no road lights. So if you think you can have a romantic night walk after dinner, please you are advised to avoid this.  

12.South Indians are not rude to north Indian travelers

Be Generous and Polite as you might have heard wrong about them. We might have heard at least once in our lives that South Indians are kind of ruthless in behavior when it comes to treating North Indians. Guys, this is shit. Let me break this stereotype for you. Do not ever get into Munnar with this mindset. We must say we have never met more generous people than munnar’s. Just pack your bags and be ready for the warmest welcome one could ever have.  

13.Roam, Explore & Repeat

Whatever precautions you might need to have one thing no one can deny. Munnar is a heaven and to explore it entirely, you must have a thrilling heart and an alert mind. Just explore this amazing hill station till the last minute of your stay and we guarantee you, this hill station will make you fall for it. Forever.  


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