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Travelling is not just exploring different places and catching sight of new things but it is actually a phenomenon of finding yourself. Travel explores our better self, makes us look at things differently. It also familiarize us with different cultures, traditions and people. We realise that there is so much more to ascertain around us and that how ignorant we are about this huge world. Here is a collection of travel quotes, my feelings which often crop up inside my mind while travelling to different places. These are my definitions of Travel:-


1. Travelling is like an Addiction. Once you try it, you are bound to do it again and again.


2. Traveling makes you realize that how gigantic this world is and how trivial we are.


3. Traveling makes you respect this creation called World even more.


4. One who hasn’t traveled hasn’t lived.


5. Travel is just a whole new way of living a life


6. A person who hasn’t traveled is like a tortoise that never came out of its shell.

7. Have you ever noticed that wherever you travel your conduct changes? You go to a spiritual place and feel spiritual. You go to an urban place and feel so liberated.

8. Your personality changes as you travel. You not only evolve as a person but also as a human being.

9. Travelling is a way of perceiving things existent in this world differently than usual.

10. Travelling gives you a feeling of liberation. There is no one to judge you .You are a stranger to them.

11. Traveling makes you a better individual .You evolve not only as a human being but also as a person.

12. The best surprise for me is a surprise trip to my favourite destination.

13. Adventure is packing your bags overnight and going on in the direction of an unknown road trip”.

14. Happiness is travelling to a destination where you were yearning to go from a long time.


15. Traveling is like taking a new birth altogether.



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