Things To Do in Kasol

Things To Do in Kasol


Things To Do in Kasol



-John Steinbeck

  Kasol is a small village near Bhunter, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. Hemmed in between thriving Parvati River on one side and fascinating pretty as picture mountains on the other, this hilly Settlement is a beauty spot on the Himalayas endowed with the best of nature. Situated in the beautiful Parvati valley adjoining River Parvati, this place is no less than a wonderland for wanderers, backpackers & hippies. Kasol makes you high in all the ways possible, high on nature’s beauty, High on nature’s serendipity, high on adventures, high on life and of course high on hash. We planned an impromptu trip to Kasol in the month of November and fell in love with the place on the first sight. It is one of those places where the journey is equally beautiful as the destination.Planning a trip to Kasol? Get your complete travel guide here. Below is a list of few things which one must do in Kasol:    

1.Chill beside river Parvati

Parvati River flows into the Beas River at Bhuntar, some 10 km south of Kullu. It rises from the Man Talai Glacier below the Pin Parbati pass and flows from north-northwest to west-southwest past the Kasol. This beautiful yet fierce stream is the best thing about Kasol. Take a walkdown the Parvati river & do nothing just sit beside the brook and observe its grandeur. Appreciate the fact that you got an opportunity to witness the beauty of the Himalayas and I am sure you will be left standing in awe of the moment. This was one of my most favorite things to do while I was in Kasol. Also Read: Things to do in Manali : Twelve Reasons why every travel junkie should visit Manali!   blank

2.Get Junked up & Relaaaaxxxx

Kasol is famous for the cannabis plants that grow there. This place is Touted to have the best hash in the world. If you want to get loosen up a bit and get lost in your own world then Kasol is the go-to place for you. Unwind all the negativity and hustle bustle of the city in you and take the load off in Kasol. But remember consumption of such substance is banned in India and if found guilty of the same could land you up in jail too. So get high but at your own risk.  

3.Take a bike on rent and ride to the nearby attractions such as ‘Kullu’, ‘Mandi’, and ‘Pandoh Dam’

Let me tell you the way from Bhunter to Kasol is spine-tingling scary as well as extremely Mesmerizing. A narrow slip and there is the petrifying Parvati river flowing down beneath several meters. But isn’t that is where the fun is? Take a bike on rent from Kullu and get set go on your journey to Kasol. Visit nearby areas such as Mandi, Pandoh dam etc. We are sure that the picturesqueness of the route from Kasol to Bhunter is going to enthrall you to the max.  

4.Go for a Trek to ‘Tosh’, ‘Malana’ or ‘kheer Ganga’

Trip To Kasol doesn’t get complete unless one doesn’t go for a trek to one of above mentioned places. These places are real Kasol. Trekk to tosh and malana village is comparatively easier than kheerganga but Kheerganga defies all in terms of beauty. If you are not a Trek person then you can take a 30-minute walk to nearby chalal village and grasp its essence. blank    

5.Recce the lifestyle of the Locals

If you are someone who finds observing the lifestyle of people from different places darn interesting then you are gonna love this thing to do in kasol. We ‘dekkod’ the lifestyle of people of kasol and found out so many interesting and surprising things. A lot of houses were there several meters high mountains on the other side of the river in seclusion and they had tied a huge iron rope and an iron basket for daily supply of grocery and other things since it wasn’t feasible to climb huge mountains and cross the river and come to this side, It was sort of a zip line to transfer the stuff. It was really amusing as well as beholden to me. Even kids cross Parvati river on small makeshift bridges and go to school from there. Although people there don’t gel up easily with outsiders but if you manage to get friendly with them, They will tell you so many interesting stories about themselves like they aren’t afraid of the police and no policeman manages to reach Tosh and Malana village considering the unity of people of these parishes.  

6.Cafe hoppings

Do check out some really dope cafes at Kasol. There are so many cafes where one can just unwind themselves and relax. These cafes are not the lavish ones like we have in our metropolitan cities but they do have a certain quirk factor which makes their cool quotient high. My favorite ones were Moon dance café, Evergreen café and river view cafe.  

7.Have finger licking Israeli food

Kasol is popularly known as little Israel and has multiple cafes where one can binge on scrumptious Israeli dishes. It was really a surprise for us that this little hamlet can offer so many International cuisines. Besides, the Israeli delicacies were so Tasteful too.  

8.Try Himachal’s famous home made beer

The native people of kasol make their own beer from rice bran or something. This is a must try drink if you are going to Himachal. Although it is terrible in taste but it is believed to take you on the ninth cloud instantly.  

9.Camp in Jungle

Some other fascinating things to do in Kasol are camping in the woods. It is so daunting as well as a fun experience. Ask a local for camping in the woods. blank      

1o.Visit manikaran’s Hot bath spring

Taking a dip in the hot bath spring at nearby Manikaran Gurudwara. The sources of these hot water springs are not known by any and they have been pouring hot water since years.  

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