Seat reclining etiquette One Must Follow While Travelling via a Flight or a Bus!


Seat reclining etiquette one must follow while travelling via a Flight or a Bus!


1. Do not recline your seat the moment plane takes off or Bus starts moving. Take at least a good Ten to fifteen minutes so that the person sitting behind you also adjust to the seating and gets comfortable.

2. Signal the passenger behind you before reclining the seat so that they also adjust accordingly. If there is a lady with a nursing baby or a tall person with long legs in the seat behind you then do them a favor and take up less reclining space so that they may also sit comfortably.

3. According to Airline safety protocol of most of the airlines, At the time of landing and take-off of the aircraft the seat shouldn’t be reclined.

4. When the meal Cart comes, one must straighten up their seat.


5. Do not take up all the elbow space of your fellow passenger. It is their space as well so have some decency and does not occupy all the elbow space.

6. Once you have occupied your seat, getting up again and again also cause inconvenience to the passengers both sitting behind you and with you. So, Try to get up as less as possible.

7. There are a few seats on many aircraft that may not recline, For example, the very last row, the seats just in front of an exit row etc. If you are sitting in front of one of these rows try not to recline your seat to the maximum. The passenger sitting behind you is already in an uncomfortable position. Reclining the seat will make them only suffer more.

8. If you are the person sitting behind the person who has slammed his/her seat without any warning there is no harm in politely asking that person to not do the same again or slightly put their seat back up. Sometimes you need to let the other person know that he is creating a nuisance for you. Moreover, it is not a good idea to suffer throughout the flight.


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