How to reach Manali? A complete travel guide for Manali Travellers!


Manali is one of the most popular hill stations of India. This place is an amazing concoction of nature and adventure. Manali enjoys equal popularity throughout the year and is at its best when it snows. It snows in Manali anywhere between November end to December. There are various options to reach Manali. The distance between Delhi to Manali is about 400 km. The most hassle free and reasonable option is to travel via road. Following is a compilation of various options available to reach Manali via Delhi.  
  1. How to reach Manali by Bus ?

There are multiple buses including buses from Himachal Pradesh road transport corporation to private travels which cost between 300 Rupees per person to 1400 Rupees per person. The best way to reach Manali is to take an overnight Volvo from ISBT Kashmiri gate, Delhi. It takes up almost 10 to 12 hours to reach Manali depending upon the halt and everything. You can book the buses from Delhi to Manali via following Links :-  
  1. How to reach Manali By own vehicle  ?

You can reach Manali via road trip which would take around 12-20 hours. Road trip is one of the best options since the Highway is so beautifully full of flora and fauna, Huge mountains on one side steep pit on the other. Beas river flowing on the side makes this drive worth a while. What you can do is take a road trip from Delhi to Chandigarh then after an overnight stay at Chandigarh, leave for Manali early in the morning as early as 5 o click. Although the way to Manali is good but since the terrain is hilly full of so many twists and turns so it is advisable to reach in the daylight itself. Avoid travelling at night. Note: Fuel would cost you around 3000 INR.  

3. How to reach Manali via Cabs ?

One option to reach Manali could be to hire a cab or a tempo traveller if you are a group of people travelling. Car rental from Delhi to Manali might range from anywhere between INR 6000/- to INR 10000/-. You can enquire about the cab bookings to Manali via following links:-  

4. How to reach Manali By Air ?

Another option to reach Manali is by air which although is a bit overpriced but saves hell lot of time. Tickets might cost from INR 6000 to 10000 per person. Nearest airport to Manali is Bhunter airport which is also known as Kullu-Manali airport. It is situated at about 50kms away from Manali and once your flight lands here you can take a can to Manali which would cost you around 1300 to 1500 Rupees depending on the type of Car. You can book your flights to Manali via these links :-  
  1. How to reach Manali by train ?

Although there are no direct trains from Delhi to Manali but you can board a train up to Chandigarh or Kalka, Shimla and then take a taxi from there. Also, there is a narrow gauge train which runs between Pathankot to jogindernagar. Although the train is slow and narrow gauge  but it is fun to travel in this. You need to take a taxi from jogindernagar to Manali. The anyways train is the least feasible option if you intend a comfortable trip to Manali. blank    

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