Poem on Rajasthan !!

poem on Rajasthan

Poem on Rajasthan That Describe This Regal State!!



Rajasthan is known for its royalty and heritage. This state is touted to be the most ethnically rich state in the whole world A place where every inch recites of a story indeed. Not to mention the fact that This is one of those places where modernity and values competes shoulder to shoulder and both have managed to exist with much elan. This is a province which wakes up to religious chants and mantras of the temples in the morning and sleeps with hip pubs and cafes at nights. We sometime wonder  how could there be an awful lot of varieties in this one locale? Once a person comes here he/she will go back with a tranche of their heart lying here. And that’s the reason people love to visit here again and again.


Poem on Rajasthan That Describe The Royal Land !!

Sunbeam on the eyes,

Castles on the highs

Deserts on the sides

Rainbow like kaleidoscopic guise

Exuberant mystique to make your spirits rise

Be prepared for your expectations to surmise

I bet with no reprise

Once you come here

It would be hard to bid goodbyes


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