Poem on Jaipur That Will Describe Pink City!



                             Poem on Jaipur That Describe Pink City!

Jaipur – A land of royals and elegance. A city which is vowed to be the most culturally rich city in the whole world, a place where every inch recites of a story. This is one of the few cities where modernity and heritage competes shoulder to shoulder and both have managed to attain their fair share. Poem on Jaipur That Will Describe Pink City:-  

This is the tale of a place

Where the whole shebang is pink!

One side there is hustling bustling city Life,

On the other a legacy of heritage Serenity that makes one be-think!

Be think that how could something be so culturally rich yet progressive,

How come a single place has so many folklores and aha moments to give!

There are so many things to see, so much to explore,

An aura of colors, one of a kind everyday lifestyle to go for.

A medley of Mystic castles and Royal realm,

Living here is a constant opulent whelm.

A land full of festivity & vibrancy to hang on ,

This urban sprawl is always lively, with its bell on.

This is the ‘Jaipur’ , The land of royals,

Where relationships are coupled by heart,

Where people are still righteously loyal!


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