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Kasol is a small town situated in the embrace of beautiful Parvati valley. In the recent times, Kasol has emerged as a popular weekend destination for both national as well as international tourists. This small hamlet has become the most sought after destination for hippies, solo travelers, backpackers and trekkers who love adventure as well as don’t mind being junked up a bit. Surrounded by roaring Parvati River on one side and prepossessing pretty as picture mountains on the other, Kasol doesn’t only offer a relief to the eyes but to one’s mind as well. If you are planning a trip to Kasol anytime soon I have compiled a list of some tips which might help you:-  

1.The distance of Kasol from Delhi, Manali, Kullu and Bhuntar respectively

Kasol is situated at a distance of about 520 kilometers from India’s national capital Delhi. 37 kilometers from nearest district Kullu and about 79 kilometers from Manali. The distance between Kasol and nearest airport Bhuntar is about 42 kilometers. If you are planning to visit nearby Malana and Tosh village (which you should), Malana is situated at a distance of about 21 kilometers and Distance between Tosh and Kasol is 20 kilometers. There are jeeps and other such vehicles available which would drop you near Malana and Tosh and then you need to walk to these villages.  

2.How to reach Kasol from Delhi?

One can reach Kasol by taking a bus from ISBT Kashmiri gate to Kullu. Get down at Bhuntar and from there either you can :- i) Board a local bus to Kasol which charges around INR 40.


ii) Take a taxi from Bhuntar/Kullu to Kasol which would charge you anywhere around INR 1000 to INR 1500.

Also, you can board a bus to Manali from ISBT Kashmiri gate, Delhi and get down at Bhuntar. Most of the travelers visiting Kasol do the same. Most of the buses going to Manalo halt at Bhuntar or even if they don’t you can ask the bus conductor to drop you at Bhuntar and he will happily oblige. You can go through the detailed description of buses to Manali along with their prices here:- How to reach Manali? A complete travel guide for Manali Travellers! Note: According to my personal suggestion hire a taxi from Bhuntar to KASOL to enjoy the scenic beauty of the way. The route is a bit dangerous too but that is the best part of it. Sure to give you an adrenaline rush.  

3.Hotels in Kasol

Kasol has limited options considering the hotels. They might range anywhere from INR 700 a day to INR 4000. One could opt for home-stays and camps as well. It’s always a better idea to book Hotels in advance via any of the booking sites. You might land yourself a great deal.  

4.Best time to visit Kasol

Although Kasol can be visited throughout the year but if you wanna get away from the scorching summers of the north and want to cool off a bit then the best time to visit Kasol would be between February end to June. Temperature remains between 12-25 degree Celsius. If you are a winter lover then this place can be visited from November to March. You can celebrate New Year here as well. But remember it remains chilly as hell during these months temperature ranging amid 1 degree Celsius to 15 degree Celsius.  

5.Duration of Stay

If you are visiting Kasol just for relaxation then 2 days are more than sufficient for this getaway. However, if you plan for a trekk as well then you need to shell out four days for the excursion  


Kasol is famous for Israeli food. There are multiple cafes situated in and around exotic locations of Kasol where one can get delicious food. Although if you are not into Israeli food then it is a bit of a problem for you. It’s better to order food from the hotel itself then.  


Two day Kasol trip from Delhi might cost you anywhere between INR 5000 to INR 10000 depending on the type of stay and Food. Approximate Expenditure on different things is as follows:- i) INR 2000/- on Bus tickets to and fro Delhi. *However one can opt for cheaper options as well since there are multiple buses running from ISBT Kashmiri gate to Bhuntar. ii) INR 1000/- per day on Hotel stay, the two-day stay will cost you around INR 2000/- . *Same applies for hotel, you can go for more reasonably priced hotel and home stays as well. iii) Food will cost you around 1000/- Rupees for two days.  

8.Other information

Some other information to chalk out your travel plan to KASOL. i) Although Kasol is otherwise a safe place but still markets get closer around 11. Try not to roam alone around Kasol after that. ii) Try not to get into any altercation with anyone. You never know who might not be in their senses and are under the influence of whatever. iii) If you are a solo girl traveler then do not get too friendly with anyone, even with the hotel staff there. iv) Book a taxi or a can much in advance preferably from Kullu or Manali since Kasol has a monopolistic taxi Union and they charge more than the market rate for picking and dropping till Bhuntar. v) If you are planning a drive to Kasol by your own vehicle then be careful while driving at Bhuntar-Kasol route. Roads are narrow and there are many dangerous twists and turns. blank  

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