How to plan your honeymoon ? Some Do’s and Dont’s worth consideration !

How to plan your honeymoon

                             How to plan your honeymoon ? Some Do’s and Dont’s worth consideration !

“Honeymoon” A word which in itself shouts romance ,passion ,intimacy and most of all Love. The honeymoon is undoubtedly the best time of one’s Lives. There are no worries yet ,no responsibilities only love and gaiety,Merriness and glee. There is no one but your partner and you. So in order to make this amorous period, even more, merrier one must take all the necessary precaution. Here is a list of some Do’s and won’t’s which one must keep in mind while planning this holiday.  

1. Single out the destination wisely –

As you might have been advised by a few other as well, Always plan your destination wisely according to you and your partner’s wishes and adaptability. Cover a destination where you actually want to go,do not hanker after where others have gone and blindly follow them. If your cousin’s cousin might have to Switzerland ,you instantly decided to go there not considering the fact that you can not tolerate extreme cold. Or You have always wanted to go someplace hilly but since everybody is going to Maldives you hastily opted for it. While choosing the destination to keep the following tips in mind:- 1. Make sure that the destination fits in your budget since keeping this thing in mind that the actual expenditure will always surpass the estimated expenditure. 2. Always reach a common decision after consulting your partner.It takes two to tango and this is not only your honeymoon. 3. Do a thorough research about all the aspects ranging from weather to clothing to cost of living etc. Also Read : How to travel in flight ? A beginner’s guide to a First Time Flyer ! 4. Pick a category out of these and then decide where you want to go ,Romantic or adventurous, Natural or cultural place etc.  

2.The destination should neither be too sweltering hot nor too Freezing cold

Ideally, the honeymoon is supposed to be a romantic trip to get to know each other,to ignite that passion and to strengthen your relationship. Therefore, in order to fulfill the above-mentioned purposes always choose the destination wisely according to the weather in which you and your spouse would acclimatise well. One of my friends went to such a chilly place for their honeymoon that they were barely able to come out of their rooms, forget about sight seeing or making love. Others went to such a humid island that they got so irritated by the blistering heat and humidity. 1. Choose a place with a pleasant weather. 2. Also chose the travel season wisely too. Everything is so beautiful during monsoons but you might not go out for frequent sightseeing.  

3. Do not leave for the honeymoon right after your wedding –

This is one mistake which most of the honeymooners are guilty of committing. We are so desperate to go on our honeymoon that we want to leave the minute right after we get married. I mean I can understand you have been waiting for years for this day but let me tell you this is not actually that much of a good idea. Reasons namely :- 1. For starters, we are too tired or hungover from the wedding festivities. 2. Our packing might not be up to date. 3. We might not be that comfortable with each other. I would suggest you to take a month’s or At least a fortnight’s gap after the wedding to proceed on your honeymoon. We did the same mistake and boarded an 11-hour long flight just the day after the wedding. As a result, we were sleeping not only throughout the flight but the entire day 1 ,of our precious honeymoon skipping the sightseeing or whatsoever.  

4. Plan in advance and do not leave a room for experimentation –

Pre-book everything ranging from hotel to flights. Do not leave things for last moment whether it is any special surprise or a romantic outing. Not only this will be more economical but it would save you from any further embarrassment. “It was my hubby’s birthday during honeymoon and I did not take anything with me to make it special as I thought how on earth would I not find cake and flowers easily but since our resort was situated just in middle of a jungle in the embrace of nature, Forget about the cake ,I couldn’t even find a single chocolate. Also, there was no internet connectivity for the same reason, I couldn’t order anything online too. This is one birthday which my hubby would not want to remember for sure.” -Tanya ,28 India I am sure you don’t want the same thing happening to you. So do not always try to cross the bridge only it comes to you. Sometimes it does prep for it in advance.  

5. Choose a romantic place to stay –

Folks this is your honeymoon, the most memorable trip of your lifetime we are talking about, not a backpacking or an impromptu trip. So if you wanna cut up, you might as well cut up on your wedding expenses but do not hard up on your honeymoon spend. Remember ! The best moments of your honeymoon will be spent in your hotel only so try to opt for a romantic hotel. I know everyone can not afford a honeymoon throughout a five-star hotel but what you can do is book 4 nights in an economical hotel and rest 2 in a luxurious one. Besides a romantic hotel not necessarily is a costlier one. Go for solace and peace.  

6. Stay in different hotels in different parts of the country –

A nice way to explore a new place and have some varied experience is getting yourself lodged in different hotels in different parts of that particular place or country. This way not only your honeymoon will be diverse but also you will be able to experience different culture and beauty of the place.  

7. Do check the distance of the hotel from the sightseeing places and weather there will be an early morning pick up ?

Obviously, since it is your honeymoon you will be sleeping late at night and won’t be able to wake up early or I don’t think you would like to wake up early yourself. Therefore always make sure that :- 1. The hotel or your resort is not too far from the sight seeing places that it takes up most of your time commuting to and fro. Choose hotels according to the distance from the respective places where you gonna go globetrotting. 2. Confirm about the pickup timings well in advance and make necessary amends at the time of planning the trip itself. Always clear out things from your travel agent. Do not just do not keep an early morning pick up.  

8. Do not keep your itinerary so jam packed that at the end of the day you are tired as hell –

I know since you are going on a trip, therefore, adventure ,trekking ,walking ,shopping go hand in hand along with all the romance ,intimacy and love. But don’t go overboard with the former otherwise at the end of the day you will be tired as hell and would go into a temporary coma just not having time for the things which should actually take place on an ideal “Honeymoon”.  

9. Keep a Free Day –

Try to append a resting day in between your honeymoon, free of all the sightseeing,excursions and going out. Just stay in your hotel and rest all day. This way not only you can spend some quality time with each other but you will be recharged and refreshed for rest of the trip. Remember people all the exhaustion might take a toll on you and not only you will be fatigued to do anything but you will find yourself fighting with each other even at the drop of a hat.You know travelling together is actually the real test of a couple’s compatibility so don’t let this weariness come into your way ruining the most cherished haul of your life.  

10. Do not forget to get yourself updated about current happenings ,any calamities or closure ,strike etc –

If you are going to a foreign land don’t forget to check out current happenings there good or bad both ,Any events or festivals which you might want to attend and also possibilities of any calamities both natural or man-made or any strike,closure etc. “We went to Bali for our honeymoon in the month of March when they have a silent day ,a worship of sorts on which the whole country remains shut ,all the food joints ,malls ,tourist places etc. Even tourists were not allowed to come out of their rooms or lit up the light inside their rooms.Obviously, the sightseeing was cancelled and we couldn’t even get something decent to eat,Not to forget that during that whole week there were certain processions going in many areas where a tourist’s entry was out rightly prohibited.Only a locality could go there.I wish we would have done some prior research and planned out the trip accordingly.”  

11. Carry a proof of marriage

Either your passport should have the name of your spouse as your wife/husband or carry your marriage certificate. If even this is not available then do carry your wedding photographs both in soft copy and At least one hard copy of a  photograph.   HAVE A LOOK:-Munnar trip : Seven Reasons why every hardcore traveler should visit Munnar

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