Munnar trip : Seven Reasons why every hardcore traveler should visit Munnar


MUNNAR – HEAVEN ON EARTH ! A Conglomeration of various natural elements, A union of three mountain tributaries, Hemmed in by lush green hills, An idyllic place for both honeymooners and adventure seekers at the same time. All these hats are donned by none other than Munnar, A small hill station located in Kerela, India. This is that one place which gets Nature Lovers so enchanted that they would want to come here again and again. Munnar is one of the most beautiful summer gateways in India. Over the years, it has become a very popular hill station located in the state of Kerala, South India Munnar is one of the finest travel destinations one can ever visit. Even after holidaying there twice, I feel I have left something over there and for that I would love to come to this fabulous place over and over. It is a complete bliss to be here. Striking Hills, Beautiful high tea gardens, Awe-inspiring lakes, too good to be true flower valleys, Prehistoric museums, Road escapades, mountains and what not, The list goes way too long. Munnar is a complete package of natural beauty. A perfect place for your romantic trips.  

1. Eye Soothing Beauty

Marvellous! This is what you say when you enter Munnar and as you start exploring this beautiful green place, you feel Goosebumps with every mile you cover. Munnar is well known for its serenity and spellbinding greenery. Having an escape at Munnar will make you realise you are missing hell lot of natural wonders by being stuck in concreted city life.  

2. Amazing Tea Gardens

Vagabonding around these splendid tea gardens is just like a dream comes true.It makes us curse our chaotic life and wish If we could stay here forever. These are actually much more lively and beautiful in reality than what we read in books, articles and watch on the internet. To enjoy these alluring gardens, book a cab and enjoy a ride around these mystical greenhouses.  

3. Impeccable Sightseeing

Munnar is blessed with countless sightseeing places. comprises of both places with the romantic setup as well as places to visit for adventure junkies. There are Myriad attractions such as dams, Ancients artefacts, Hills , Tree gardens etc. Below mentioned is a list of some of the must visit places in Munnar :-   Places To See in Munnar :- 1. Mattupetty dam 2. Tea museum 3. Echo point area 4. Photography point 5. Flower valley 6. Viripara waterfalls amongst others   Mattupetty dam is DAMN beautiful. This place is so appealing that you never want to stay away from it once you come here. Visit this place for peaceful experience, enjoy boating here. This place is an ideal one to spend hours with that special someone and still you won’t get bored. Capture thrilling boating moments while you are in a middle of the river. If you are outside the water area, you will find yourself keep staring at the natural bliss for an infinite time. Such respite Mattupetty dam provides you, don’t miss it if you have packed your bags for Munnar.  

4. Natural massage therapy centres

When it comes to natural massage therapy, nothing can beat Munnar. The way they pamper your body in a unique manner is a perfect magical blend of relaxation and relief. The sweet aroma of oil will surely put you in a trance. I will strongly recommend you to go for it. After all, you will be so weary after all the sightseeing that It would be mandatory for you to get a massage to rejuvenate yourself. Most of all Kerala is world famous for its herbal massages anyways, Hence adds this activity to your list of must to do things in Kerala.  

5. People & Hospitality

As they say “Hospitality is simply an opportunity to show love and warmth for the guest “ Same goes for the people of Munnar and that’s why the name “God’s own country” stays true to Kerala. They will treat you as if such you are well-known to them since long. Who would not want to be welcomed in such a whole-hearted way? Even people of tribal areas who take care of tea gardens know how to hail guests with warmth.  

6. Best time to Visit Munnar

The best time to visit Munnar is from June to September as its monsoon season there. Covered with lush green foliage, monsoons in Munnar have a sacred charm of their own. But one must better take care as heavy monsoons may spoil their sightseeing plans too. So make sure in advance that you she will out an extra day or two in the case of rain playing spoilsport.  

7. Weather

Avoid a visiting there from Feb to May as it’s damn hot during these months. Temperature remains at the peak at this time and the Weather is really hot hence it is recommended not to make a plan to visit Munnar during these months. In Rest of the months, Weather is usually pleasant. To conclude about Munnar, all I can say is, “It’s the land of Beautiful Nature that constitutes Sense of oneness, Emotions for others and Love for all” Do not miss visiting Munnar once in your life and then I am sure you will cherish the memories Forever throughout your life.     About the Author  Nitish Varshney A Mechanical Engineer by degree, Textile Entrepreneur by profession !   image   “Eat, Pray, TRAVEL, Explore & Repeat” You are eyeing on a hardcore traveller right now. Adventure is what I love and being a travel freak I always love to do tasks which I cherish in future. It’s my believe that nature is the most important element on earth and people must feel its beauty by travelling and explore till they reach a point of  infinity.  

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