JAIPUR PINK CITY!

Jaipur A land of royals and elegance. The Jaipur which is vowed to be the most culturally rich city in the whole world, a place where every inch recites of a story. Jaipur  is one of the few cities where modernity and heritage competes shoulder to shoulder and both acquires their fair share. A town which wakes up to religious chants and mantras of the temples in the morning and sleeps with hip pubs and cafes.
Take walk down the walled city in the morning and experience never before spirituality, Take a drive to C- scheme, Civil Lines and vidhansabha and you will be more than surprised to see the urban lifestyle.
We are completely immersed the in love for this city and do not find it surprising that the city was featured as one of top ten  cities to live in India. This is that one locale that you would just not want to leave once you have lived here. There are hoards to things which make it hard to resist falling in love with this city. Let’s take a look at the few :-
                                                                                    This is the tale of a place
                                                                        Where the whole shebang is pink!
                                                                  One side there is  hustling bustling city Life,
                                              On the other a legacy of heritage Serenity that makes one be-think!
                                         Be think that how could something be so culturally rich yet progressive ,
                                         How come a single place has so many folklores and aha moments to give!
                                                        There is so many things to see, so much to explore,
                                                  An aura of colours, one of a kind everyday lifestyle to go for.
                                                                    Mystic castles and Royal realm,
                                                                 Living here is a constant opulent whelm.

1. Perfect amalgamation of modernity and tradition

Jaipur is that one city which is proud to have the best of both worlds. There is just the right amount of modernity but at the heart we are still attached to our proud traditions. Our weekly calendars are occupied with regulars visit to temples such as Kale hanuman Ji and govind Dev ji as well as visits to places with the likes of blackout and duplay. We celebrate all our festivals as well as all western days with much enthusiasm & fun. We still stand with each other in the matters of any calamity. Joint family system is still prevalent here. Most of the weddings are typical traditional affairs. Jaipur is that one place which has embraced the best of both the worlds.

2. Plethora of Festivals and events

We jaipurites by nature are royalty loving person. we do not leave any chance to celebrate a particular occasion. we celebrate all the festivals and events with very much enthusiasm. Starting from the month of January to December we do not leave even a single chance to celebrate
1.Sankranthi aka kite fest 2. Valentine’s Day 3. Holi 4. Gangaur fest 5. Teej fest 6. Diwali 8.Rakhi 9.christmas 10.New year 11.various random music fests & what not.
Goa might have sunburn once a year but our state hosts multiple sunburn throughout the year.

3. So many hip places to chill out

We are fortunate that we get to live at a place which have so many hip places to chill out. Just step outta your lane and you will find one of a kind unique cafe or lounge. In the field of hospitality Jaipur has been nowhere behind Delhi and Mumbai and there are so many chill places to just chill out. Feeling like diving into traditions govto a heritage themes cafe, feeling a bit urbane go to another. Apart from that there are various unique themes cafes such as tea lounges, plant themed cafes & what not.

4. People

Now this is one thing which is best about Jaipur
People here are extremely warm, helping and fun. Still there is a sense of warmth in the hearts of people here and they go to great lengths to help others. May be that’s one of the reasons our hospitality is famous throughout the world. Being an avid traveller I haven’t seen the level of hospitality like ours at any other place. If somebody visits here once they are sure to return or Atleast wanting to
* so helping that even if you ask address they will not only guide you but accompany you to that destination.

5. Weekend getaways

Jaipur is situated at such a perfect location that there are hordes of places to go for a weekend getaway. There is Ajmer, Pushkar, Agra, Delhi, Alwar, Neemrana , Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, sawai Madhapur to slip away for a quick getaway. We never have to think about where to go for a weekend getaway. We just get set & go. Although In jaipur there are lots of beautiful places to see.

6. Our own tourist destination

Living in Jaipur gives us a touristy feel since we have so many heritage destinations to go wanderlust. We need not globetrott to places such as Moscow and Saudi since we have all the wonders right here. We have amer palace, hawamahal, Jalmahal, sand dunes & many more. Living in Jaipur is a tourist experience in itself.

7. Weather

Jaipur‘s weather is just awesome apart from the sultry summers. Our winters are perfect. Just the right amount of cold to feel chilly but not too much so that it disrupts our everyday life. Monsoons here are so awesomely amazing. Jaipur turns into a green city. And even if its not monsoons still it rains here atleast once in a month or two whether it be summers or winters.

8. Food diaries

If there is going to be a dream list for the places with the best food in the world Jaipur will come in top ten. You can get  many varieties and dishes to indulge your taste buds in.

9. Stories at every nook and corner of the city

Jaipur is a land of takes and sagas. Take a walk down the walled city and you will find monuments and history at every nook & corner of the city. Here are so many ‘Chatris’ ‘Baodis’ , Temples each having a distinct tale of their own
blank                                                                                                                                                imagesource:-instagram/onlytarun

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