Immerse in Jaipur’s Legacy : 7 places to try out in Jaipur to make the best out of this heritage-land!

Places to visit in Jaipur

Places to visit in Jaipur ?

JAIPUR? Doesn’t this epic dilemma often crop up whenever you are planning to do some weekend hopping or worse if you are an outsider, the choice becomes even more sticky.

Moreover, if you are a heritage lover it’s but obvious that you would want to go to a heritage themed cafe to literally take the first hand feel of being a king or queen since not to brag but we know that our Jaipur aka pink city as the legit epitome of royalty and elegance.

Well fret not, being an insider (Ahh! Being a jaipurite has its own perks),we happen to know almost all the GOAT heritage themed cafes that offers the most spectacular view ever.
Allow us to end your search to ‘Places/Cafes to visit in Jaipur’ and we are 100 percent sure that bruh! you are so gonna love them.You can Thank us later.

 Let’s hop on to the desi Pandora bandwagon for a virtual trip to the most Lit AF cafes/restaurants  in Jaipur that offers the most beautiful view ever :-

1. 1135 AD- Fine dining restaurant at Amber fort.

This opulent place is located  near famous Amber fort and proffers the legit kingly ‘Sheeshmahal’ alike experience. Majestic decor, authentic Rajasthani food served on silver utensils(Yeah, it’s true), royal’s secret recipes serves the wonderful food with even more wonderful experience.
Insider tip : Plan your visit to the restaurent in evening to witness it’s beauty at its best.
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2. Stag cafe – Amber fort 

This cafe is located at a rare location, right in front of Amber fort. It offers a prepossessing view of the Amber fort. And guess what! One can enjoy the world famous Light and sound show of amer from cafe’s rooftop.
Insider Tip : I love to take a sip of the evening tea in with the breathtaking view of sun setting down beside Amber fort.


3. Bar Palladio, Cafe Palladio

Bar Palladio located in the heart of the city near hotel Narayan Niwas is a heritage enchantress, it boasts of breathtaking interior beauty. Currently, the red hot choice of the national and international designers for the shoots.
Insider Tip : Perfect place to click those Instagram worthy pics. One ought to have a drink or two here on their Jaipur sojourn. As about food, one must try Cafe palladio’s devilishly good croissants and Danish pastries.
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4. Tatto Cafe, Wind view Cafe Hawamahal

These two small yet quaint rooftop cafes are situated at such a rare location, right in front of one of Jaipur most famous marvels HawaMahal’. Their USP is remarkable view of HawaMahal. The cafe is already one if the red hot choice of the foreign tourists.
Insider tip : Visit the abovementioned cafes to click the most amazing Instagram worthy shots of Hawamahal.

5. Burj – Hotel grand uniara rooftop 

Stay in Jaipur whisks you away to a Regal era. Equally magnificent is one of the newly opened rooftop restaurant of The grand uniara group, stunning property that is widely known for its heritage charm. The place offers a magnificent view of the Moti Doongri fort.
Insider Tip : Dine in this brightly lit royal diner for the GOAT royal feel. The best of authentic Rajasthani cousins.
A tryst with royalty

6. Naila Bagh palace 

Over and above the quaint Haveli stay, Naila Bagh is the best nightlife nirwana of Jaipur.
Perfect place if you are feeling like shaking a leg with your squad after a day of sightseeing. Experience the best of Jaipur’s nightlife at this rustic old world charm property.
Old world charm.
Insider Tip : Their pool parties are a must attend.

7. Zoya- Hotel Fairmont

It goes without saying that Hotel Fairmont is the nearest thing to a palace-like experience. Zoya, it’s in house diner offers shedloads of varieties ranging from traditional lip smacking Rajasthani delicacies to wood fired oven pizzas to a full fledged chocolate buffet.
Insider tip : Don’t forget to try their Achari Laal Maans, the epic signature dish of Rajasthan.

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