Fourteen Travel quotes to inspirit you for your next Trip!

Travel Quotes

Fourteen Travel quotes to inspirit you for your next Trip!

” I love travelling to uncharted places far away because there I ain’t got judged by people for my dressing, my comportment, my character and my affiliations “

” Looking at the ‘magnificent nature, doing nothing just gazing meaninglessly at the incredible view, tops my list of ‘must do things’ while a sojourn “


” We tour for an ‘FETCH’ but travel for ‘CONTENTMENT “


” Travel is the enlightenment of the soul, a philosophical detox of the brain! “


” Don’t travel refresh your mind and soul and refills your body with an innate energy even for the odd drudgery? “


” Travel isn’t always about indulgence and comfort, Sometimes it is about moving into the lap of nature and embracing the real life”


” Isn’t this strange that a lot of people spend their vacation relaxing in a resort, Getting a tan and partying whereas there is much more to explore in this world? “


” Travel not only let you discover more about this world but it unveils a whole new side of you as well. You will be surprised to discover more about your facade too “


” A trip doesn’t end with its completion. You will always have the cherished experience of that journey to take forward with you in Life “


” Travel has TAUGHT me so much. Let’s just say if I am ever stuck up in a desert or had to drive up on a hilly terrain or even walk miles, I will survive “


” An unusual jaunt and a good camera. A combination to guarantee you a suitcase full of memories “


” I love to go on unplanned quests. Too much planning kills the joy of a trip. These inadvertent rambles are much more fun than the planned ones “


” Every journey is a pilgrimage for a travel lover “


” Travelling is breaking away from all the run-on-the-mill humdrum. “


– Chitrangi Sharma

Follow her on Instagram @mydesipandora .


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