International travel : Few important things one must take into consideration !


As enticing and mesmerising an exotic international location travel might sound but it takes proper forethought to make your travel even more enjoyable and fun. Like every other work travelling also needs Proper planning and groundwork and especially if you are travelling to a foreign country .You might be an avid traveller and might have expedited a lot within your own country but when it comes visiting a foreign land there are some things which should be kept in mind to make your travel memorable for all the right reasons.Take a look at this 10 points plan before packing your bags :-   travel-image    

1. Keep your passports and other documents handy

Always double check your passports and other visa document or if you are going to a country offering visa on arrival, don’t forget to extract the detailed information of the procedure. • Also, countries offering you on arrival visa will be needing your hard copy of photographs and the sizes might differ from country to country. For example Thailand demands your photograph in “4*6” format .

2. Check the Entrance /Exit fee too

There are many countries which charge a development fee which might range anywhere between 100 to 200 dollars and which is usually not included in your package so double check it from your travel agent or go through the concern country’s website for all the requisite info so that your trip doesn’t go out of budget.   Also Read : How to plan your honeymoon ? Some Do’s and Dont’s s worth consideration !

3. Never keep liquids in your handbag

Not even water bottle. Or even if you do keep cosmetics or other such liquids then they  should not be kept. in the containers of more than 100mm otherwise they will be tossed right into the dustbin in front of your eyes and you would not want that. Also it’s always a good idea to put your liquid containers in your luggage bag rather than carrying them in handbag.

4. Always stash away some snacks and basic spices like salt and dried mango with you

I know we all keep on day dreaming about how appetizing sea food is or how delectable Thai food is gonna be but let me tell you folks foreign food might or might not suit your taste since these are prepared in an entirely different way. Also food in a foreign country takes up most of your finances.Even A water bottle will cost you up to 80 – 100 bucks and a soft drink bottle would range between 100-150 bucks. You would not want to travel some place and then spend your time and money looking for an Indian restaurant. So it is always advisable to carry some snacks from your native place. You can carry things like :- •Cuppa noodles •Mathari •Masala poori •Namkeens •Salt,chilli,dried mango powder •coffee,teabags •pickle etc I know these pointers might feel like your mom forcefully tamping snacks into your baggage wherever you travel but let’s face it why to spend your money on exorbitantly priced food when you can use the same into something purposeful,to check out a new site or to try out something else there.

5. Don’t carry too much cash and never keep all your cash in the same place

Instead of too much cash it is rather advisable to carry an international debit or credit card. Or you might wanna confirm from your bank since now a days almost all the credit and debit cards works overseas as well.Some of them are ICICI bank credit card , Amex card , Axis bank and HDFC but you must pre confirm and it will always be better if you inform your bank prior to your foreign travel.

6. It is highly advisable to do thorough research about each and every aspect of travel by yourself

Rather than leaving everything on to your travel agent , go through a thorough research of all the places where you are gonna stay and visit and any other activity which might be popular there but not in your itinerary. • Always look out for the reviews and photos of the hotels and restaurants on sites such as tripadvisor,Zomato,wikitravel etc. • Don’t forget to check out the distance from the hotel to popular tourist places since distance might take up most of your time and you will be left with less time to explore. • Instead of going for the same hotel for your overall stay , go for different hotels in different areas.This way you can explore different locations. You can take help of the apps such as,makemytrip and • Carry your toiletries and cosmetics yourself considering the toiletries those hotels provide might not suit you. • Try to pre books the conveyance (transportation) since conveyance is something which takes up most of your money.

7. Get an international driving permit

If you are planning to rent a bike or a car then you need to get an international permit along with your Driving license from your Regional transport office. Most of the countries won’t rent you vehicles solely on the basis of your local driving license.

8. Buy tickets for amusement park or other such places well in advance

Always check out the terms and conditions for the entry and exit and buy the tickets for such places in advance or ask your travel agent to show the soft copy of the confirmation.

9. For currency conversions always opt for Banks rather than using ATMs or conversion centres at city and airport

Conversions via bank will cost you less than all the other options mentioned above.

10. Include a day’s break in your itinerary

If it is possible include a resting day in your itinerary since you will be drop dead tired from all the walking and sightseeing.And rest of your journey won’t be that much fun. When we went for our honeymoon we were so damn tired by the day three that we had to cancel one whole day of sightseeing. Forget about enjoying the honeymoon we were barely able to stand.

11. Communication

If you are going for a small trip for a weak or less activate international calling plan or you might get a local sim. Since even a few minute call might cost you more than 200 rupees.If you are going for a much longer duration it is preferable to get a local sim.

12. Do not wear or carry precious jewellery.

You are going there for sightseeing not for showing off your Jewellery that’s why it’s a better idea not to carry or wear any precious jewellery.

13. Always carry one extra set of clothes in your handbag as there are ample chances of your luggage getting misplaced or lost so you would not want to face the encumbrance of having nothing to wear

Do keep an extra set of clothes in your handbag. God forbids in case of misolating your luggage which is very common problem during flight travel.

14. Always Carry a water proof cross body bag to keep your passport and other documents safe with you.

Besides always carry your passport with you.Do not leave it in your hotel.Be extra aware of the pick pockets

15.Keep a duplicate photocopy of the passport as well ,in case of any contingency

Along with the original passport do not forget to carry a copy of the passport as well. If you loose your passport then it’s copy will come in handy.

16. Get travel insurance

It is highly advisable to get travel insurance before you travel since you never know what might happen. I got my luggage misplaced by an airline which contained hordes of valuable clothes and shoes and also some cash but I couldn’t do anything so it is always better to be safe than sorry. Moreover it’s costs less than 2k INR so not that a big of a deal.

17. Be polite to the local people

Learn few words of the respective language of that particular place. One must know words such as :- 1.Hello 2.Thank you 3.How much ? 4.good bye etc

18. Always carry your first aid kit

This is one of the most important things you shouldn’t forget tossing into your bag. Since it is not easy to procure medicine in a foreign country without consulting a doctor, always carry basic medicines such as :- 1. A general painkiller 2. Medicines for cold 3. A basic antibiotic 4. Medicines for flatulence , gas 5. A spray for joint and muscle pain You never know what food or excursion might do to your body and you would not want to spend a day at the hospital or at doctor ‘s so as I always say it’s better to be safe than sorry.

19. Transit visa

Whenever you book a flight with layovers in more than one countries you will need a transit visa even for an hour long layover. So always keep sure that you have the transit visa as well.

20. Always check out the weather and the clothing .

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