Best time to visit Ranthambore and other Informations !


Ranthambore national park is situated In Sawaimadhopur,Rajasthan. It is located at a distance of 168 km from state capital Jaipur and about 395 km from national capital Delhi. From Jaipur, it takes about 3 hours by car and from Delhi, it takes about 8-9 hours. There are multiple hotels there ranging from budget hotels like Hotel Ranthambore palace, Ankur resort to 5-star ones like Oberoi Vanya Vilas, Nahargarh Alsisar etc. Also If you want a different experience then there are camps available too. There are few things which should be kept in mind while planning a trip to Ranthambore National park. These are as follows:-  

1. Best time to visit 

According to weather, The best time to visit is from October to February as the temperature is neither too cold and nor too hot. But if we talk about the tiger sighting then the best time to visit is From April to June as the weather is too hot here and the Jungle becomes dry and there are very fewer water holes for animals, which are known to the guides. Tigers and other animals come there to drink water and as a result, sighting is easy. Also, there is very less greenery and therefore there is a better visibility. But remember it is extremely hot during these days and temperature remains between 35 to 45 degrees.

2. What to wear 

During Summers I would strictly advise you to wear light clothes but preferably full sleeves and try not to wear shorts as the sun rays are so harsh that you could get not only severely tanned but also might get sunburn. Do carry a cap or a hat and sunglasses. Apply sunscreen. On the other hand ,During winters wear the warm jacket, boots or shoes along with socks as it is very very cold inside the jungle. If you are scheduled for morning safari wear a woolen cap and gloves too. Also, wear comfortable loose fit clothes as it will be easy to hop into and out of the gypsy and the canter. Remember Comfort is the key factor while dressing up for such excursions.

3. Timings for the safari 

The morning safari starts from 6:30 Am in the morning in the summers and ends at about 9:30 AM whereas during winters safari starts from 7 Am and ends at about 10 A.M.Canters and gypsies come to pick you up half an hour before the safari timings. Remember don’t be late for your pick ups because the more you will be late the less time there will be you for exploring the jungle and since the jungle is very large in area the gypsies start returning half an hour before estimated time. Remember even a single minute is precious in the jungle. You might miss a tiger crossing the road by a fraction of a second. Please note that park remains closed from July to October.

4. Booking 

Always pre-book from the authentic Forest department site only.Otherwise, you might be asked to pay more than the ticket price. If you are planning to come on weekends then always pre-book before a month or two. Otherwise, you will not get a booking and your trip might get ruined or you will be forced to pay an amount much higher than the actual. Although charges for canter are less but Jeep safari is better than canter safari because jeep can easily go into the tracks and you can spot a Tiger from nearby.

5. Best Zones to spot Tigers

Ranthambore national park has been divided into separate zones. Although there is no guarantee that you will see get to see a tiger or not but still zone number 3 is considered the zone with maximum sightings. Zone no.1 and 2 are rich in wildlife diversity and you can spit multiple varieties of birds and other animals too. Zone number 1,2,3,4,5 are considered good for tiger sightings.Whereas zone number 7,8,9,has least sightings.But at the end, it depends on your luck.   WhatsApp Image 2016-09-04 at 8.02.06 PM


6. Things to carry inside Ranthambore national park 

During safari carry one pair of binoculars ,water bottle and if you want to eat something then that but don’t throw the litter inside the park as its strictly Prohibited. Do carry a water bottle because you won’t get that inside the park. During winters carry a blanket too to cover your feet. It is advisable not to take small kids as the safari track is very coarse and uneven. Also, do carry a pair of binoculars. Keep your cameras handy.

7. Conduct inside the park 

Try to maintain silence as it is pretty obvious that the animal won’t come out if you will keep on creating noise. Don’t try to go out of the jeep in the jungle as it is not at all safe. Do not throw litter etc inside the park.

8. How to reach 

You can either go by your own vehicle or by train or by air. The nearest airport is Jaipur situated at a distance of 168 km and then you can take a cab.


You can either order in your hotel or you can go to a nearby restaurant. There are two” dhabas “. If you are a fan of street food. Amongst them, Kanha restaurant offers great food. The paranthas there is a must try .Go for aloo parantha or gobhi parantha.

10. Tiger sighting

Plan for Atleast 2 to 3 safaris for more chances of tiger sighting. Although if you are lucky a single safari might give you a chance to spot “The king of Jungle” but as I said it depends entirely on your luck,weather,area etc. All the best for your Ranthambore trip and I hope you return with memories of sighting the mighty animal.

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