8 AR Rahman songs that would ignite your travel desires!


“Mozart of Madras” AR Rahmanbis a living legend who inspires crores of minds. A traveler’s heart can’t remained untouched with the beauty of AR Rahman’s magical compositions. I have been listening to Rahman’s music since forever. I am a living example of how a common man can be turned into die-hard travel lover just by listening songs all his life. And, AR Rahman is one such musician who will take you to the deepest of your travel thoughts through his phenomenal & soulful music. Here are some of his songs that will make you pack your bag for your next trip even if you do not intend to –  

1.Patakha Guddi (Highway) 

O Jugni O, Patakha Guddi O Nashhe mein udd jaaye re haaye re”

This song is magical. An open invitation to hardcore travelers. This one is about the celebration of freedom and we all are free birds. Hence, go for a road trip keeping this song on top of your playlist.   highway4803
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2.Chal Chaiya Chaiya (Dil Se) 

“Kabhi daal daal, kabhi paat paat Mein hawa pe dhundhu uske nishaan”

Soaring melodies, massive beats, a relentless and jaw-dropping sound of a train, this song is a treat for all travelers. Ever got confused about your trip by the train? Just listen to this song and I believe you are going to reserve one window ticket in a train for your next travel destination.   chaiyya-chaiyya-dil-se-piano-notes
image source: pianodaddy.com

3.Phir Se Ud Chala (Rockstar) 

“Idhar udhar, titar bitar Kya hai pata hawa le hi jaae teri ore”

Do not play this track casually, else you will miss out a soul. Those soft displays of mandolin notes, guitar riffs & lovable chorals work brilliantly to make listeners feel like they are literally flying around beautiful mountains topped with snow. You close your eyes to get engrossed in song, you open your eyes with next travel destination in your mind. Yes, a Peaceful  Hill Station is your next.  

4.Yun Hi Chala Chal Rahi (Swades) 

“Bhul saare jhamele, dekh phoolon k mele Badi rangeen hai ye duniya”

Do we need more inspirations or reasons to travel this beautiful world? This song is enough to tell what this majestic world offers us if we explore it. Plug in your headphones, play the song, listen to that catchy line “Rum dum dara rutaru dum daara, bhaiyaaaa” in full volume and I am damn sure you are already on your way to a solo trip.        

5.Be A Rebel (Rang De Basanti) 

“To Shirdi to the Red Fort Rourkela yeah you know

From Ajmer to Orissa”

My most favorite song in the list. This brilliant song has irresistible raw energy that shouts “Incredible India, Incredible Me”. So what about pairing up for next trip with your best buddy for  “Bharat Darshan” singing “Say hoi ohh hoi” altogether?? blank

6.Matargashti (Tamasha) 

“Dil ka bhanwar bole sun saathiya Chup na dupatte mein tu ohh chhaliya”

This song is fun and playful that will make you go crazy. Those who have seen the video of this song would definitely be inspired for a “France Trip” with the easygoing melody of Matagashti. This song is undoubtedly made for the wanderer. Toh fir? “Tang tang tang tadaaun, ma ma tang tang..tchu tchu” blank  
image source: scoopwhoop.com

7.Whispers of the Heart (Mohenjo Daro) 

This track is an amazing orchestral structure. When you feel the music, waving mesmerizing voice, lovely sound chirping birds, you visualize you are lost in history at some place somewhere in the world and exploring it when no one is there with you and you are all alone. So pack your bags for some hidden offbeat place, explore it & tell the world there is something we all need to know about. I guess a lost island with huge beautiful Jungle around? Yeah, it is!  

8.Yeh Haseen Waadiyan (Roja) 

In bahaaron mein dil ki kali khil gayi Mujhko tum jo mile har khushi mil gayi”      

A perfect track that ignites the hidden desire of love birds to roam around some beautiful mountains covered with snow, having long deep never ending valley to witness echo of love voices. Listen to this song with your better half again & again. This track will not only make you closer to each other, you would decide your next romantic couple trip also. Kashmir or Uttrakhand would be soul stirring, No? blank    

So among all the gems of AR Rahman, I found some of the inspirational songs for you guys. It’s his birthday on 6th January, let’s dedicate a trip for his music! Cheers!

  About the Author  Nitish Varshney A Mechanical Engineer by degree, Writer by profession! “Eat, Pray, TRAVEL, Explore & Repeat” You are eyeing on a hardcore traveler right now. Adventure is what I love and being a travel freak I always love to do tasks which I cherish in future. It’s my believe that nature is the most important element on earth and people must feel its beauty by traveling and explore till they reach a point of infinity. image

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