Five offbeat things to do in Jodhpur!  



       Jodhpur,“Each & every inch of this glorious land is a sure source of Inspiration”

  Jodhpur, The land of glory has been ranked number 76 in ‘World’s most inspiring cities’. This is one of only two cities in India that has made its place in this list. The other one is none other than Aaamchi Mumbai.  Jodhpur, The blue city of culture and heritage, is undoubtedly one of the most astounding cities of India. From lip-smacking food to adventurous goals, from peaceful nights to wild long drives, Jodhpur has all. You must have heard and read about the most loved sightseeing places and activities to do in this city. This place has a giant Mehrangarh Fort, captivating Mandore Garden, phenomenal temples, wonderful lakes, royal monuments, time witnessed palaces and what not. It’s a complete bliss to be here. Jodhpur city is a refreshing reflection of the princely era of Rajasthan and takes us back in time, till the 15th century. Today we are telling you about 5 things that are less famous globally (though Jodhpurites are pretty much in love with these)  but if you want to make your Jodhpur trip a lot more of what we say an “Unforgettable” one then you just cannot afford to miss this.  

1.Explore Bhim Bhadak Cave

Hills and temples are two places that are incomplete without each other. Same goes with Bhim Badak Cave Temple. I wonder why this place is still underrated by people. It is inside the military radar area but one can visit this temple and earby hill area from 7 AM to 7 PM. Bhim Bhadak is extraordinarily attractive. A time-honored Shiv Temple that has a huge black colored SHIVLINGA inside and all the time what you hear is melodious chants of prayers. There is a very small and narrow tunnel inside the cave and it’s older than time. It’s VAISHNO MATA tunnel. Crawl under this giant rock roof with lots of birds cages and nests, listen to the prayers echo, explore this historic tunnel along with hundreds of bats. When you cross all this, you will get the peaceful sight of Mata Vaishno Devi. The Bhim Bhadak Cave has been named after a historical story from the time of Mahabharat. It is said that PANDAVAS when were in danger, took shelter in this cave. BHIM belongs to the name of one of the Pandavas and BHADAK in Rajasthani language means Cave. Since then, this whole place is known as “BHIM BHADAK” One of the main attractions of this place is its animals. There are hundreds of wild boars, monkeys, dogs and cows outside the temple fed by locals. Make a climb to the top of the rock roof and enjoy the surrounding view of beautiful rocks and ‘kaylana’ lake. From the top of the cave, one can enjoy phenomenal SUNSET VIEW in the evening. If you ever think of visiting this fabulous Cave Temple, ensure there is “No photo outside the cave! No shoes inside the cave! ” “BHIM BHADAK” is situated on Jodhpur Jaisalmer road and easily reachable by any of the transport means in the city. It’s just 2 Kms away from famous Kaylana Lake and 9 km away from the king of forts “Mehrangarh” As its military radar area, one must come with id proofs as they can ask for it anytime. Rest if you are an adventure seeker you will love to be here. blank  

2.Witness beauty of Siddhnath Mahadev Temple

Yet another overlooked place. This is not just another temple. The place where the temple now stands was absolutely deserted many years ago. This temple lies in between Takht Sagar lake and its hills. The zig zag curvy roads to reach this temple will surely make you feel that you are about to reach the highest point of a city. Because of its isolation and peace, a hermit Veetragi Narain Swami started staying here. He was a saint, highly worshiped and respected in the nearby areas. At some point in time, another saint called ‘Nepali Baba’ also started living here and it was him who created temple by cutting rocks & stones to make stairs and a big temple devoted to the Lord Shiv. A pure holy place to start your day with. Enjoy breathtaking views of city and lakes from the top of the temple and for photography, surrounding hills of this temple are perfect for capturing endless moments.  

3.Delve into Tripolia market

If you find yourself standing in a cultural heritage city and you are not aware of its gem, you seriously are making a blunder. This place is literally to be swooned over for. Tripolia Market in Jodhpur is the business sector offering grouped and an exhibit of products from conventional antiques and wooden handiworks, batik sarees, high-quality papers, metal things, metal furniture and souvenirs, marble statues and models, beautiful array and fabrics, silver gems, well-known compositions of Rajasthani floor coverings. Area of this market is not broad, in fact, it’s located at the pretty narrow place but this only is the thing that adds the charm here. After all, we all are bored of roaming around big malls, no?   jodhpur

4.Visit Incredible Shastri Circle

This place is associated with my childhood memories and hence I know the beauty of this place. If you ever happen to see the top view of this place you would see three large circles. One, the main circle is a big round garden, covered up with round pathway at its circumference for jogging and running purpose. This is one of the most loved chit chat adda (place) of jodhurites. During night time a musical fountain showers its beauty and that’s the center of attraction. The second one is a road going towards different routes and merging this circle with most of the main areas of  Jodhpur. And, the last but not the least, comes an amazing food circle. You think of any food, you get that here. My favorite eating point in Jodhpur that has a number of options for eating. South Indian Cuisines, North Indian Cuisines, Chinese, Mughlai, Marwadi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Chaat, Golgappe, variety of sweets and what not. Here you will have one of the most loved fast food points, Aunt’s Pizza & Hotdog. Enjoy finger-licking pizzas here. What makes this place even more wonderful is its crowd. You would not even find such an enthusiastic crowd even in marriages. It’s more like a festive crowd that gives an awesome feeling to be here. Horse riding activity is also available here and children love to have this ride in Jodhpur.  Wait for the internet freaks also have a lot to do here. You can use free hi-speed Wi-Fi here for an unlimited time. Visit here after 6 PM for super exciting experience. Thank us later.   shastri-circle
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5.Long Drive at Mandore Road highway

Leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city, and set out on an adventurous ride with a super delicious dinner at 9-mile dhabas. Exploring the wilderness of any place is always thrilling and same goes with this highway. Some famous dhabas are located on the roadside in entire Marwar area. After finishing the Night ride, have dinner at any of the dhabas here and you will leave Jodhpur with hell lot of wonderful never experienced before memories. blank    

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