10 Reasons Why One Should HEAD To Ladakh Straight Away

10 Reasons Why One Should Had To Ladakh Straight Away

       10 Reasons Why One Should HEAD To Ladakh Straight Away

  Ladakh is like the enchanted land of ‘Alif Laila’ for a travel aficionado. By any facet whatsoever and from any perspective, the Ladakh trip proudly donnes the hat Of one of the most epic sojourns ever. No wonder Ladakh is that holy grail of travel which every travel enthusiasts want to do once in a lifetime. It’s sort of ‘Chardham’ for an avid traveller. (Pun intended). Ladakh is not only like any other typical travel destination, but It is much more than that. It is an exceptionally beautiful land that would take you to the spellbound world of those exquisite pictures over which you have been drooling on Instagram. We know that so much have been already written about Ladakh but today we give you, even more reasons to pack up your bags and jet set go for Ladakh in 2017. But Beware! This place might shock you, scare you, hypnotise you and make you want to cry out of elation. Yes, cry of joy that how could something be this spectacular exist in this world which you never have had seen. Let’s climb on the Ladakh bandwagon (Literally) and convince you that Why Should you travel to Ladakh in 2017:- blank  

 1. Because the flight tickets are cheap AF. 

Are you also one of those travel lovers who yearn for a trip to Ladakh but couldn’t do it because Of the time constraints and are stuck in the urban rut? Fret not if you are not a vagabond and have to cater to all those worldly responsibilities as well, This is the golden chance for you. With huge drops in flight charges to Ladakh, it’s finally time to take this show on the road and finally take that long lost trip to Ladakh which you have desperately yearned to go onto.  
blankImage source : panoramio.com

2. For Dirt cheap accommodation and above Typical ‘Ladakhi’ feel!

With more and more Ladakhi people converting their houses into home stays one could not only get accommodation for as less as 500 rupees a day but the cherry on the cake is the firsthand opportunity to experience the Ladakhi culture.
blank                         Image source: luxecafe.com

3. To Explore the unexplored off the beaten track

Ladakh is undoubtedly  ‘The most Beautiful’ place ever. Along with all the popular lakes and treks there is so much there that is still unexplored. A couple of hours after Leh, all civilisation cease to exist and from there the real beauty of Ladakh begins. The creative eye might find nature’s folklores in every nook and cranny on the way towards Ladakh with those brown mountains and multiple natural sculptures. The picturesque beauty of Zanskar and Ladakh mountain accompanies you throughout the voyage. The love affair of more than beautiful mountains and lakes will revitalise your mind and soul. And Guess what? There is a desert too in white snowy hills? The Nubra valley is one the highest deserts of the world making the journey a never before experienced escapade. Walk up to a nearby village and talk to the locals about their hard-hitting lifestyle. It would surely give you a whole new perspective of seeing things.
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4. To get high on the Cultural Trance

Ladakh is not only a nature lover’s paradise but it is also a colourful place with an array of culturally rich festivals. These festivals are not only a treat to the eye but they also tickle the spiritual buds. There are certain processions, drama performances, musical performance comprising of an amalgamation of drums and trumpets, thumping steps of the masked Lamas and much more. Try to coincide your visit around these auspicious festivals of Losar,Hemis,Naro Nasjal,Kalachakra,Dosmoche,Tak, and phyang and get ready to lost in the cultural trance of Ladakh. blank  

5. To Cool your jets and Embrace the Spirituality 

Buddhism is one of the most practised religion in Ladakh. The place vaunts of out of the world beautiful Temples and Monasteries such as Shanti stupa, Hemis Monastery, Likir Monastery, Namgyal monastery, Hemis Monastery. These places not only make for the centre of tourist’s fascinations but they actually provide the fodder of relaxation to one’s soul as well. Spend a day at one of these monasteries, Do nothing just sit around and let yourself loosen up. Trust us, you will feel more relaxed and at peace than ever. There is some sort of mystic or something at these places that once you go there you will feel immersed in it. If you have lost yourself to that mundane lifestyle of chaotic schedules then this spiritual break should be must welcomed by you to calm your horses down. We are thousand percent sure that you will return with a butt load of spiritual peace.
 Image source : pixabay.com

 6. To click those wallpaper shots 

Oh! We have seen so much Ladakh in photos that sometimes it feels like we have already been on a journey to Ladakh. Now, it’s time to turn your virtual journey into reality and not only actually witness those pretty as picture wallpapers in real life but to click them as well. Flecked by well-lit sun rays, the lake their mirrors an alluring montage of various hues of blues and whites. Snow-dusted mountains look surreal in the distance. Ladakh makes for a perfect backdrop to click some lekker photographs. No doubt, it is called photographer’s paradise. So sharpen the torrents of your photography weapons and Rush to the place before it becomes way too exploited.    blank  

 7.To get a kick of Adrenaline rush 

Ladakh is an adventurer’s nirvana. White water rafting, Jeep Safari, Mountain Biking,  Biking through scary snaking turns and twists, Camel safari, Trekking and what not. You name it and it is there. With increased facilities and safety, 2017 is just the right time to let your seat belts loose and have a taste of adventure. blank

8. To catch sight of  Rare mountain species in their Natural habitat

Although not much has been said about wildlife of Ladakh, This dreamlike place is home to certain rare and erratic species such as the endangered Snow Leopard, Kiang or Tibetan wild ass and the rare black-necked crane, Ibex, Yak and Pashmina Goat. Not only this Ladakh actually have a donkey sanctuary as well. Changtang Cold Desert wildlife sanctuary is also there in Ladakh. The wildlife sanctuaries in the region are meant for those gutsy adventure seekers who feel thrilled to visit such remote, uninhabited countryside on a high altitude  
Image source : telegraph.com

9. To have the best of both worlds Nomadic life as well as luxury camping 

Ladakh is that one single place which has the best of both worlds to offer. One can have the thrill of camping anywhere in between the journey to Ladakh and be faced with a first-hand nomadic experience. Camp at a secluded place with no population around whatsoever, Gaze towards the clear sky with nothing but stars. Experience the high of being under the shadows of celestial bodies, the ecstasy of lightening up to the stars, the moon and the planets, Feel beholden that you get to witness this. This is going to be a one in a lifetime experience. But then again, if you are not the raw, rough and tough type then also you need not worry. Recently a couple of luxury camps have also come up at LADAKH which will give you the high of camping but at the very same time taking care of all your comforts. P.S. You can do the above-mentioned things from your luxury camps too. blank

10. Go before it becomes way too Touristy! 

There was once a time when The beautiful Ladakh region cosied up in between the Himalayas and the Karakoram mountain ranges was vowed by travellers. Due to its unscathed beauty untouched by the hustle and bustle of people and no sweltering city life. Those were the days when it was not flooded by about 600000 tourists a year. Ladakh was far and wide uncharted territory for travel lovers with its serendipity and gorgeousness of its crystal clear lakes, snow-capped mountains, green patches of land, snaky terrains and much more. But with Ladakh becoming a major centre of tourist magnetism it is not the same and with time it will become more and more jam-packed. Need we say more? What are you thinking? Pack your bags and venture onto an excursion to this terrifyingly rugged desert. Before it turns into the next Kullu-Manali, not that there is anything wrong in being that. But then its aura won’t be the same as it is today. blank         ALSO READ:-Things To Do in Kasol

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