8 AR Rahman songs that would ignite your travel desires!

“Mozart of Madras” AR Rahmanbis a living legend who inspires crores of minds. A traveler’s heart can't remained untouched with the beauty of AR Rahman’s magical compositions. I have been listening to Rahman’s music since forever. I am a living example of how a common man can be turned into die-hard travel lover just by listening songs all his life. And, AR Rahman is one such musician who will take you to the deepest of your travel thoughts through his phenread More

Things To Do in Kasol
Things To Do in Kasol

  Things To Do in Kasol “PEOPLE DON’T TAKE TRIPS, TRIPS TAKE PEOPLE”   -John Steinbeck   Kasol is a small village near Bhunter, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. Hemmed in between thriving Parvati River onread More

Five offbeat things to do in Jodhpur!  

image        Jodhpur,“Each & every inch of this glorious land is a sure source of Inspiration”   Jodhpur, The land of glory has been ranked number 76 in ‘World’s most inspiring cities’. This is one of only two cities in India that has made its place in this list. The other one is none other than Aaamchi Mumbai.  Jodhpur, The blue city ofread More

Nine Reasons Why We Love Jaipur So Much!

Why We Love Jaipur So Much! This is the tale of a place, Where whole shebang is pink! One side there is hustling bustling city Life,  read More

Traveling to ‘Munnar’?? Here are some Do’s & Don’ts worth taking a look at!

The places we are going to visit always fascinates us to witness something unforgettable. But in the elation of doing an escapade, we unintentionally invite menace and might put ourselves in some dangerous circumstances. The magnificent ‘Munnar’ is carpeted with eye soothing greenery. You’re often up above the clouds watching veils of mist clinging to the mountaintops. Munnar’s beauty is just unexplained. I suggest you better visit the place yourself to explore thisread More

Planning a trip to Kasol? Get your complete travel guide here.

image Kasol is a small town situated in the embrace of beautiful Parvati valley. In the recent times, Kasol has emerged as a popular weekend destination for both national as well as international tourists. This small hamlet has become the most sought after destination for hippies, solo travelers, backpackers and trekkers who love adventure as well as don't mind being junked up a bit. Surrounded by roaring Parvati Riveread More

Fourteen Travel quotes to inspirit you for your next Trip!
Travel Quotes Fourteen Travel quotes to inspirit you for your next Trip! " I love travelling to uncharted places far away because there I ain’t got judged by people for my dressing, my comportmentread More

Things to do in Manali : Twelve Reasons why every travel junkie should visit Manali!

image source: Snow covered mountains, Rocky landscapes, tall trees, Narrow roads with steep twists and turns, a scary River beneath the deep ditch  flowing by the side, Yaks, wild rabbits, Romance, Adventure and what not? All these elements delineate this beautiful valley situated in the embrace of the Himalayas known as Manali. Manali is situated in Himachal Pradesh, India at a distance of about 538 kilometres fread More

How to reach Manali? A complete travel guide for Manali Travellers!

Manali is one of the most popular hill stations of India. This place is an amazing concoction of nature and adventure. Manali enjoys equal popularity throughout the year and is at its best when it snows. It snows in Manali anywhere between November end to December. There are various options to reach Manali. The distance between Delhi to Manali is about 400 km. The most hassle free and reasonable option is to travel via road. Following is a compilation of various options avread More

Travelling to Udaipur? Follow these tips to make your Udaipur travel even more fun !
Traveling to Udaipur

                                                             Travelling to Udaipur Travelling to Udaipur - This city situated in Rajasthan, India is not just another tourist attraction rather an unabridged newfangled way of life. Udaipur is nothing like any other city of Rajasthan comprising of cosmic deserts, heat, and forts only. So if you are expecting it to be a typical Rread More