Tips for Anchoring : Useful tips on How to do anchoring in an Event ?

Tips for anchoring

Tips for Anchoring

Anchoring is not an easy task, It is not a cakewalk to address a large crowd, making a connect with them and at the same time wearing multiple other hats and performing other duties too. You know there is a certain reason behind the presenter of an Event being called an “Anchor”. An anchor is a strong object which is used to stop the ship from moving. The host of a program is called an anchor because responsibility for smooth handling of any program lies entirely on an anchor’s shoulder. An anchor is the one leading the bandwagon for any event, connecting with the audience, and entertaining them.  So In order to make this task a bit easier, I am posting a list of few anchoring tips which possibly will help you grow into a good anchor. It doesn’t matter if you are anchoring for a college function or a cultural event these anchoring tips will help you shine throughout. Take a look at these tips for anchoring :-


1. Always start off with a Smile

Let me tell you something, if as an anchor you are not facing the familiar audience then expect the audience to be a bit judgmental and uncongenial towards you. It is the basic human tendency of the spectators to judge the person standing on the stage addressing them. But don’t worry in order to win their hearts and turning their unfriendliness into positiveness. Follow this one tip for anchoring and Begin with your anchoring on a positive note, Make it a point to start off with a smile. Smile towards the audience or maybe give them a compliment for instance

Wow! What an energetic crowd. I am sure that this is going to be great event today”


I must say you all are looking really amazing today all dressed up in your traditional outfits.”


2. Connect with the audience

Now this is one of the most important tips of anchoring. If it is a college event or a cultural event, connecting with the audience might not be that difficult but if the event is of any other genre then it might be a bit of an issue for you. What you can do is put forward something which might Interest the audience:-

How to connect with the audience?

i) Praise the audience

In order to connect with the audience compliment them for their patience, energy, enthusiasm or for anything else whatsoever. Similar to the above-mentioned examples.

ii) Admire the place / city where the Event is happening

Always keep a line or two readies for the city/place where the event is happening.

For Example – Today we are all gathered here in the beautiful city of Jaipur which is the perfect concoction of Modernity and tradition. There couldn’t be a more appropriate place rather than here.

iii) Praise the event

For example – “It is my privilege to be a part of this grand event. This is my third year here as a host to this event. It is my honor to host this show three years in a row “

iv)Respect the Audience

Always respect the audience and don’t pre-assume things about them like if they belong to a particular place they might be like this, like that.

v)At all times be well prepared according to the niche of the audience

Irrespective of how great of an anchor you might consider yourself to be, How many shows you might have had hosted but do make it a point to go through the script at least once.



Anchoring Script for Cultural Event : Artists Meet!


3. Tell a personal story

An outstanding way to connect with the audience is to unroll a personal story about that particular place or an event so that audience could relate to it. This is that one anchoring tip that rarely goes wrong.

For example – “When I visited this place last time, this happened to me, that happened to me “. (Any random story)


Or my cousin brother studied from this same college and he told me so many amazing things about this place and now I realize that all that was true.


4. Participation of audience

Remember folks no one likes an event which is all about hosts and speakers only, jabbering all kinds of speech and stuff whereas audience / spectators are just reduced to silent dummies. Put yourself in an audience situation, would you like that? We don’t think so. To make the audience feel important one might apply the following tips to enhance your anchoring:-

i)Always make it a point to initiate audience for participation.

ii)You can admire anyone from the audience.

ii) Call audience on to the stage for any question or review whatsoever. It would not only make them feel important but also others would be more attentive thinking that they might get a chance to appear on the stage too.


5. Take jibes on yourself rather than others

I know nowadays taking digs on others is considered a cool way to anchor the show but don’t do that, just don’t . Not everybody from the audience might be a good sport and feel offended. What would be a better way is to take digs on yourself. For example

For example – “Kudos ! Such a smart answer, I couldn’t have thought of it ever at least not in this lifetime. What else could you expect when you are surrounded by so many engineers, I hope you can give me a lesson or two after the show. “


” I didn’t realise there people would so elegantly dressed here otherwise I would not have to be dressed so sloppy, getting an inspiration from you all “


6. Go amid the audience

Yes! That would be an excellent way not only to connect with the audience but also you will make a mark for yourself. Leave the stage and go in between the audience for any reason whatsoever by way of following ways:-

  • A Question
  • For an Answer
  • Choose someone amongst the spectators as an Example / Model
  • For some Game/Activity
  • Or to complement somebody


7. Be short but effective

We have all been in audience position, nobody likes to hear long anchoring scripts so keep your script short but effective. Do not focus on getting more lines rather than the good ones. Focus on quality of the content rather than quantity. consider this tip for anchoring and you are bound to see a positive response from audience.


8. Take help of a person for proper coordination

It often happens that the anchor is busy asking for others who is going to be next and the stage / podium is left all empty and that is the one of the major error an anchor can commit. I know most of the time this is not the anchor’s fault but still it might ruin the anchoring and smooth functioning of a programme. So make sure well in advance that-

i) Who is the person concerned with whom you will be coordinating in regard to all the schedule related Queries?

ii) Whether He /She is standing at a near distance to you from where you can see him / her and you will be able to signal them or not?

iii) Reconfirm that the next performance / is ready while you are backstage.

iv) Do not leave the stage / podium empty at any cost.


9. Dress up nice

Whether you agree with it or not but dressing up nice actually leaves a great influence on the audience. It is a psychological fact that viewers tend to tether more with a good looking and well-dressed anchor. This is one tip for anchoring you must not avoid.


i. Make sure that the areas of your body that you are apprehensive about are fully covered since audience are in a position to get a full view of the Anchor.

ii. Wear Event appropriate Clothing.

iii. Always dress up your Best.


10. Always write up some backup lines in case there is someone new or uninvited

This is one of the most significant tips for anchoring. A good anchor must always keep some extra lines handy because it is always the case that there tend to be few uninvited guests too. You can also check out following anchoring script for a college event.

Anchoring Script For Cultural Event/Annual Function : Part 1


11. Stick to your guns in case of any Slip up or Fumble

As a human, it is pretty natural to encompass a fumble or a mispronunciation of a certain word or a name etc. But do not worry, Things are still in your hands and just be relaxed. The reality is most of the people might haven’t noticed anything. Be unperturbed and pretend as if such nothing has happened. Carry on the show normally. Ignore any fumble or other such stuff. And Come out swinging.

P.S.- In Case if you are looking for an Anchoring script for a cultural event, click at the following link:-

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