How to learn English? Ten ways to speak English Fluently!

How to learn English

                                How to learn English? Ten ways to speak English Fluently!

How to learn English, English is that one language which is spoken all over the world. It not only helps us prosper at the professional front but also in many other ways. Learning to speak English is no rocket science, It is actually fun if you try to acquire its knowledge in following fun ways:-



The first and foremost way out to speak English fluently and with ease is to speak the language as more as possible. Try to talk in English as much as you can. Feel shy about talking to others in English? Do not worry; you can start by having a conversation with yourself. I mean there could be no one else other than you with whom you are most comfortable. Right?


  1. Talk to yourself about your daily routine. For example when you wake up narrate your acts to yourself  like “Oh! It is morning. Its a lovely day. It is 8:30 am already I am late. Let me brush my teeth etc. Make it a point to talk to you about every activity you perform. Do not worry about the grammar or fluency. Just go for it. There is no one to judge you.

  2. Talk to yourself while driving or commuting towards your destination say College or office. Try to explain in your head whatever you observe. For example – Today there is so much traffic. That is a nice car. I have to take a left turn from here. I reached on time etc.


Folks! When English is not being our native language, a process of translation takes place in the mind. Our mind thinks in our native language and then translates it into English and subsequently, we speak. Therefore, in this process of translation a lot of data is lost and often we are short of words and as a result, we fumble. Doesn’t it happen to us a lot of times that we do not get a suitable word to explain a particular situation?

 To overcome this problem read as much as you can. Reading strengthens our vocabulary like nothing else. There is no other English class or teacher or any app or software for that matter which can improve our vocabulary like reading.


  1. Read anything but make sure it is in good English. It might not necessarily be your textbook or any English speaking book.

  2.  Read blogs on topics that interest you, Whatsapp messages, Facebook status, Instagram posts, poems, stories, Newspaper, whatever thing that interests you

  3. You can start with simple English first .Then slowly improve the level of the content which you read.

3. Listen To Others

The whole world is giving you English-speaking lessons every day, Learn to listen and imbibe. What happens with most of us that we all are not that much interested in listening to others but remember! listening is actually an activity that provides us with maximum knowledge. Listening not only improves our vocabulary and gives us confidence but in addition to it has following rewards too:-


1. It provides us with the correct pronunciation of many words.

2. Acquaint with us an array of new words which we might not have had heard before.

3. It also enhances our knowledge about the pause and intonations while speaking

4. Google It Instantly

Thanks to this mighty marvel called GOOGLE, you can find the solution to all your problems in a go. Whenever you find any difficulty regarding.

  1. Meaning of any word/Sentence.

  2. Translation of any word /Sentence.

  3. Synonyms for any word.

  4. Or any other query whatsoever

Make it a point to Google search it right away. Do not laze out and leave it to do it later but right now and then repeat the sentence with the replaced word or sentence. This way whenever you will stumble across the same situation, you will automatically remember what you searched earlier.

5.Watch English movies and TV shows with English subtitles

This is one of the most fun ways to learn English. What you need to do it just watch English Movies, TV shows with subtitles written. Initially, you might find difficulty with the subtitles and perceive their meaning. However, once you get to watch these regularly you will surprisingly find yourself getting good at understanding them, vocabulary, learning cool slang and yeah your accent will improve too. Along with this, the USP of this method is that these shows are so fun to watch that you might find yourself getting addicted to them .I am listing a few of these to start with :-

  1. Big Bang Theory
  2. Modern Family
  3. Castle
  4. Game of Thrones 
  5. Grey’s Anatomy etc.          

6. Always Text In English

Make it a point to always text / chat in English. Whether it be your friend, family, or anyone else. Instead of using your native language start texting in English. This usually insignificant activity might be a start of you turning into an excellent in the language. Anyways It is always more comfortable to write in English rather than speaking so try to text in English so far as possible.

7. Be confident and trust yourself

Be confident about yourself and do not get apprehensive about the lack of English speaking skills. This is just a language, not your life. People have done great deeds in this world without being good at English too.


1. Constantly boost your morale and say yes, I can do it. I can speak English .I will not hesitate the next time.

2. Always prepare and rehearse well in advance. Start off with short phrases as such hi, how are you? It’s very humid today.What time it is. Once you start speaking even these small sentences well, you will notice a rise in your confidence level.

8. Don’t be scared of grammar and focus on fluency

I know a lot of people are very scared of grammar and believe that if they will not excel at grammar they won’t be able to speak English with much Elan. So often we become so conscious about grammar that we keep on analysing each & every sentence in our mind and wonder whether that was grammatically correct or not. Excessive focus on grammar actually makes us more nervous. Just be natural and focus on the fluency. Remember friends fluency is not directly related to your proficiency in grammar. You might not be 100 percent grammatically correct but if you are fluent enough, it would overshadow the minor grammatical mistakes you made.


9. Look out for a partner

Yes, you read it right. Find someone who would be interested in having a conversation with you in English. That one person in front of whom you are comfortable speaking in English. Converse with him/her on the everyday basis. Make it a point to interact strictly in English for say an hour or two a day. It is always a better idea to find a company for improvement.

10. Mantra to speak English ”I DON’T CARE”

Exactly! Keep on chanting this mantra in your mind that I don’t care whether people make fun of me for my wrong English, I don’t care if my pronunciation is not correct yet, I don’t care if people disapprove of my English. Remember folks you won’t be perfect in spoken English from the day one and people might make fun of you or try to let you down but don’t,  just don’t care.

This world will always have one or the other thing to say about you. What you need to do is keep the focus on getting better and have patience.

No one can learn English within a week, a fortnight or even a month. These things take time and that is perfectly Okay. Do not get dishearten put aside your efforts in between. Do follow all the above-mentioned tips At least for 6 months and you are bound to see an improvement in your English.



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