How to give introduction

How to give introduction

                                    How to give introduction

  How to give introduction, Introducing yourself is an art ,An art which not everyone possesses.But acquiring this art is not so hard either. Remember folks ,How to give introduction  is one of the crucial factors in creating your image in the mind of the audience. Today I am going to elucidate a few tips and tricks  for how to give introduction  and  make your introduction (particularly general classroom introduction )even more effective:-

1.Smile –

There is a contrivance which is even more important than your appellation , “Your smile”.Whenever you are being asked to introduce yourself always begin your introduction with a smile.Ushering in your intro with a smile not only creates a positive impression in the mind of an audience but it makes you look good as well and also you will notice that audience will extend a certain warmth towards you. Someone had said “Smile is the best beauty product you can use ” so why not use it and it doesn’t cost anything at all so why not smile.But remember :- i) Neither smile so much so that you start looking as if such you are high nor keep such a straight face that people construe you as rude or someone having an attitude. ii) Have a pleasing simpler or a brief smile with a positive face. iii) Eye contact – Have an eye contact with all the audience.You need not stare at the audience ,Just a second or two’s eye contact will suffice. iv) If you are not comfortable with the eye contact glance at their forehead or space between the eyes instead .This will give them the impression of eye contact whereas you are actually not making one.

2.Name –

Your introduction is all about your name.It’s all about making the other person remember you.Always start your introduction with a greeting and then your full name.While telling your name do take care of following :- i) Always mention your name in a clear and bold voice. ii) Do not be in a hurry and mention your name and surname so hurriedly that audience doesn’t even get it . iii)If you want to improve your intro you can utter your first name twice after a brief pause to create a better impression . •For example- My name is Meredith , Meredith pierce. Or My name is Rahul ,Rahul Sharma. iv)Also if you have a unique ,in common name with which people might not be familiar, let them know It’s meaning.

3.Professional Qualifications –

Now it’s the time to mention your professional qualifications.If you are introducing yourself at the college level than your professional qualifications are passing your senior secondary examinations (12th exams) and if you are doing the same at postgraduate (PG) level then your qualification is yours undergraduate (UG ) degree. i )Always mention the subject with which you passed senior secondary (12th standard) and your percentage. ii) Do mention the school’s name as well. iii) Mention your undergraduate degree in its full form. For example – If you have finished B.B.A don’t say it like this rather I have achieved a degree in bachelors in business administration.

4.Information about Family,hobbies,What you like and your Achievements etc –

Give a brief info about your family ,What is the profession of your father and mother or any of your working brother or sister.Mention your hobbies and also what you like to do.Folks, there is a difference between your hobbies and what you like. i) Mention those hobbies which might entice the audience. ii) Also, don’t forget to mention any special achievement which is worth mentioning. For example – I have been a national level debate. I played state level basketball. I play guitar.etc iii) If your father is working in government or private job never use the words- Govt servant ,Private servant .You can use the term Govt sector ,private sector instead. iv) If your father is into business then you can say this or use the word “self-occupied”.


Always close your introduction with a smile and a good wish. For example – That was all about me.Have a great day ahead. Thank you so much and have a good day.  

Self introduction examples

  1. Hello everyone / Sir /Madam- My name is Rahul , Rahul Sharma. I completed my schooling from Central school no.1,Chennai with Commerce/ Humanities /Science bio subject and secured 88 percent marks / 8 CGPA. My father is employed in Government / private sector and my mother stays at home.We are 2 siblings.My elder brother is an engineer working with the fast tech company. I love to read and I do write as well. I have been a national level swimmer and I play guitar too. That is all about me.Have a great day ahead.   2. Good morning everyone I am Rahul , Rahul Sharma. I am a graduate with a degree in computer science. My family consists of my father who is self-occupied / is a business of computer hardware.We are three siblings.My elder brother is working as a lawyer and my sister is married. My hobbies are playing cricket and dirt biking. I love ethical hacking and a hacker myself . That’s all about me.Thank you and have a great day.

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