How to answer tell me something about yourself ?


                               How to answer tell me something about yourself?

How to answer tell me something about yourself ? (Interview question ) This is one of the most frequently asked questions during an interview. Most of the interviews start off by this question only. Here are some pointers on how to answer the interview question Tell me something about yourself:-

1. Smile

When you are facing the interviewer smile towards them. A smile doesn’t only make you look promising but it gives a positive vibe about you to the interviewer.

• Either you should have a briefly closed lip smile or keep a positive face. It would suffice.

• No need to have a fake “PAN AM” smile throughout the interview. It looks really funny.

Note: If you are appearing for a position at a place other than your hometown then you should mention your native place otherwise no need.


Mention your professional qualifications.Your professional qualifications constitute your graduate, post graduate degree and any other professional diploma or degree which you possess.

• Don’t state your degrees in their short forms. Always state them in their full forms.

For example – I have a bachelor of technology degree in computer science.(B Tech ) Or I have done masters in business administration with finance specialization.

Doesn’t it sound more pleasant and formal?

• Mention any special achievements relevant to that particular job profile. For ex – I have a diploma in a tally.

• Let them know about any other accomplishment weather at school and college level which might benefit your profile.


Give a brief introduction about the family background.

• Remember to keep it as brief as possible.

• Mention your father’s profession, mother’s profession and few deets about your siblings. Don’t go all ga-ga over what each of your siblings is doing or how many of your sisters are married and where.

• Mention the profession of your working brother or sister if they are working in the same sector or at the exceptionally good position.

4. Experience

Do tell them about any prior experience if you have. If you are a fresher then you should mention your internship experience. If you don’t have any experience at all no need to divulge anything Until and unless you are being specifically asked.

5. Characteristics and skills

Now go ahead with your positive characteristics and skills. Mention the qualities apt for the job.

For ex- • Hardworking • Punctual • Responsible • Leadership skills • Social skills • Technical skills etc

Do not mention your weakness Until and unless interviewer explicitly wants to know about it.

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5. Closure

Always try, to sum up, your answer within 90-120 second. Always close with a smile.

                                                                                 #Example 1

Interviewer – So! Tell me something about yourself?

Candidate – (Smile ) Sure sir, As you know my name is Soniya , a Soniya khan. I hail from / I belong to / My native place is the beautiful state Himachal Pradesh. (soniya)I just finished/have done bachelors in Computer science from National institute of technology, Delhi with a distinction. I also have a diploma in cyber crime. About my family, My family consists of my father who is working in the Government sector and my mother who is a housewife. My elder brother is also an Engineer working with L&T. I did my six-month internship with Microsoft.

Sir, I consider myself as an individual with an optimistic attitude. I am punctual, hardworking and a responsible person. that’s why I always an active member of student council both in school and college. I conducted various events at a college level and developed an app as well.

Sir ! This was all about me. Please go ahead with further questions.

                                                                                         #Example 2

Very well, sir, My name is Mohit, Mohit Verma.

I posses a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a masters degree in the same with a specialization in finance. I have three-year working experience as a finance manager in Cosmo India company.

 My job responsibilities basically included procuring a loan for the company. father is also into finance sector and mother is a teacher at a government school.

All friends and colleagues consider me as a level headed and diligent person.

I am ambitious and want to do something great in my life. And always good with people and have an optimistic attitude towards life. I have a keen interest in finance.

That’s it, sir.

Tips to remember while answering the question:-

i) Answer the question with a smile.

ii) Always state the degrees in their full forms.

iii) Keep your family intro as brief as possible.No need to go into minute details.

iv) If you do not have any experience then no need to highlight.

v) Mention the qualities apt for the job, not your personal ones.

vi) Always try, to tell your answer within 90-120 second.

Remember do not stress out and remain relaxed. This question is usually asked just to see your confidence level and to break the ice between you and the interviewer. Meanwhile ! All the very best for your upcoming interviews.

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