How to answer interview question What is your weakness ?


 What is your weakness is one question which puts every candidate a very tricky situation. What should I answer, what should I not? Should I convert my strength into weakness or should I be honest? Such thought starts cropping up in a candidate’s mind which makes the already nervous candidate even more nervous.

But you need not worry about it. This question is not as hard as it looks like to you. Obviously, even the interviewers know that they are not likely to get a hundred percent honest answer but still they ask this question, not to know your actual weakness rather see how well you answer this question. Let’s check out some pointers to nail this question.

There are multiple ways in which this question may be put forward:-

  1. What is your biggest weakness?

  2. What is that one thing which you want to change in yourself?

  3. What are the some of the qualities you lack at ?

  4. What do you want to improve in you?

  5. What are your strength and weakness? Etc.

How to answer the question

1. Do not try to be fake

Do not try to be fake and sugar coats your weakness and put it in front of the interviewer. Remember folks those Human resource managers are not sitting there without any pearls of wisdom. If you are smart then they are super smart. So the first thing you should start with is doesn’t try to fake it. Be genuine and don’t represent your strengths as your weakness.

2. Do not portray your strength as a weakness

Gone are the days when candidates presented their strength as their weakness and use to get bonus points for that. Never state such strength cum weaknesses. It won’t score you any extra set of miles at all.

For example

“I am so hardworking that I avoid my personal life for professional life.” “I cannot say no to any assignment and as a result, I end up taking more work than I can actually do.”

Forget about these strength cum weaknesses. Even a kid can figure out that these are sheer tactics to gain some brownie points from the HRs.

3. Mention your technical weakness

Now when I have specifically asked you not to be fake, it doesn’t mean that you go all saint like and start divulging details about all your personal weakness. Do not state your personal weakness like “I am very short tempered. Or I have this habit of being late.” Instead, mention your professional / technical weakness.

For example

1. ” I am not that much net savvy “.

2.”I am not well versed in English; I would like to get better with vocabulary.”

4. Do let them know that you are working on improving your weakness

Whenever you mention any of the technical weakness then always , I mean always present a solution that how you are planning on to improve your weakness. This will give them an impression that not only you are honest but you accept your shortcomings and also trying to get better .Let’s take the same examples as we discussed above :-

1.” I am not that much net savvy but I have enrolled in a computer course to perk up my internet skills.


2.”I am not well versed with English but I would like to improve my vocabulary and I have been taking spoken English classes since last two months to brush up on my English communication skills.

5. Never say I don’t have any weakness –

Nobody is perfect. Neither am I nor are you. You do not need to be perfect to get the job. We are all human and so do the HRs.So! Never ever say that I don’t have any weakness or remain quiet at the question not answering at all. It might get labeled you as :-

•Rude, Overconfident •Casual •Not serious at all

So it’s a better idea not to show your overconfidence and claim that you don’t possess any weakness.

6. Always mention the insignificant weakness or that weakness which won’t affect your job directly

If you are in the field of public relations and you told them that you are not good at interacting with people, you can imagine it can be a deal breaker. So, At any circumstance never confess such weakness which might have a direct impact on your job.

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How to answer the question “What are your strength and weakness”?


Interviewer – So ! What are your weakness ?

Candidate: – Sir! Like every other human being, I do have my fair share of weakness. One of my biggest weakness is not being technically sound. Although I know that I work at a front desk where there isn’t much need of technical knowledge but still I would like to add this feather to my hat too .I have enrolled myself in a basic computer course which hopefully will help me conquering my weakness.

Note: – Even if you have divulged one of your weakness still interviewers might ask you to mention any other weakness too. But don’t get nervous and mention the following weakness.


Interviewer – So what is that one thing in you which would like to improve?

Sir, I feel I can do much better on my communication skill front. Although my English is satisfactorily Okay but still considering the demand of the industry and increasing competition I would like to polish it more. I have started reading more books and have been attending weekly English speaking classes to overcome this shortcoming of mine.


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