Anchoring script for the valedictory function: Speech for the vote of thanks and closing ceremony in a formal event!


Anchoring Script extremely important to close an event on a good note. Many of us might think that the closing ceremony of an event is not that important, that the listeners are in no mood to listen but it is not so. When one has hosted the complete event so well then it is vital to bring the occasion to an end in a professional manner. The Proper vote of thanks should be given to the person concerned in the closing ceremony and valedictory function. Here is a sample anchoring script for the closing ceremony and valedictory session of a formal event along with speech for the vote of thanks:-  

1. The vote of Thanks to the convener/organizer and co-convener/Organizing team:


“A Leader is someone who creates an event; Team members essentially bring life to it.”

No event/conference/function can take shape without a hardworking leader. It was the dedication and enthusiasm of our conveners and guides ________ (Convener name) Convener, _________ (Co-convener name) Co-Convener and _______ (Co-convener name) Co-Convener. Their determinations are commendable and it is their hard work which made this __________ (Name of the event) a huge success.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the trio.

Above and beyond, let’s not forget the backbone of this grand function. Our teams, who went an extra mile and worked their tail off under the guidance of the conveners/organizers and made this, dream a reality. Name of the team members’ _____________ . Thank you so much, everybody.

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2. Vote of Thanks to the Director/ Any other important dignitary of the Event/ Conference. 

‘A Pessimist complains about the wind, optimist tries to change it and a leader adjusts the sails.’

-John Maxwell

The sails for this particular notion were adjusted by a person who is not only a great motivation to all of us but a visionary and the person who gave us the belief to bring together this conference. He is none another than ‘name’ ____________ . Mr. ________ did his incessant efforts to make this event unforgettable. He added another feather to the glory of our city/state/country by making this occasion take place to bring uproar in the field of Techno global issues and we are thankful to him for this huge contribution.


3. Vote of Thanks to Speakers/Chief guest.


We would also like to acknowledge _______________ ‘(names) our esteemed speakers who took the time out of their busy schedule and showered us with their pearls of wisdom and knowledge. We are truly humbled by your presence. Thank you once again.


4. Vote of Thanks to the audience.


Furthermore, let’s have a special Recognition to all the audience who remained patient throughout and encouraged the morale of the speakers by their gusto and enthusiasm. Thank you so much for being our pillars of support.  Let’s have a big round of applause for our lovely audience.

5. Speech for Closing Ceremony.


The end of a story is the new beginning for many others. On this note let’s conclude a remarkable memorable and knowledgeable event _____________ (event name). On the behalf of ___________(organizing association/organization) group we sincerely promise you that you that in the coming years too we will keep on organizing such proceedings related to the field with some more innovative ideas to nourish your mind and fill you with more knowledge. .

See you next year everyone. Have a good night.

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