Anchoring Script For Sports Day!

Anchoring for sport day

 It goes without saying that Sports are and should be an integral part of everyone’s life.  Sports help us lead a healthy life and  Sports also teach us how to play honestly, win honorably, loose gracefully, respect authority, how to adjust with others, learn management and importance of time in the long run. It’s a really great notion that schools and colleges these days are putting humongous focus on sports and are are trying to make sports a part of a student’s everyday lives. To commemorate the spirit of sports, Sports Days are being organised on grand level in various schools and colleges. In the light of these sports Day events, we decided to publish this sample sports day anchoring script. We Hope it helps you, Here it goes:-     

                    Introductory anchoring script for Sports Day

” Sports improves our competence,
Brings into life top level  Brilliance!
Sports bring out our mettle,
Give strength to face Life’s battle!
Sports are the key to self reliance
way to accept mistakes without defiance.
Sports illuminates Team spirit,
Inculcated in students this noble habit!
Sports make a boy a man
Builds their strength ten on ten.”
A very Good morning to one and all present here. We are all gathered here today for the Annual Event that is going to fill everyone of us with oodles of ‘Power’, ‘Self confidence’ and ofcourse ‘Winning spirit’. We are spoon going to see Adrenalines rushing through our bodies, competitive spirit reaching to greater highs, Happy cheers, The joys of winning and pride of giving our best. The event which I am talking about is one of our Favourite ‘Annual sports Day’. Let’s hoot and show to the world that we are energetic students of  ______________ (School/College name)school/College and show our
Tip to Toe energy to everybody.
(After the hooting)

Introduction to Sports Day and Welcome :-

That was amazing. Sports  are one of the most happening thrills of life. Sports are something that teaches a human many qualities like dedication, and leadership, discipline etc. It’s a well known fact that any form of Physical exercise is good not only for one’s body but their spirit as well. Playing a sport is a winning combination both figuratively and literally and that’s why we lay special focus on awakening the sports talent of the students and then display the same at our Annual sports Day.

Anchoring script for Sports Day Flag hoisting

“A beautiful collage of Saffron,
white and green,
It is the most precious thing
we have ever seen.How it dances and flutters high
A top the highest peak,
touching the sky.To a nation where men are wise
“We are Indian”, We say with pride.”
Let’s start our Annual sports Day with flag hoisting. I would like to call our Chief guest Mr. ____________, Director sir ________, Principal __________ to hoist the Pride of our nation Our national flag. Please join us in hoisting our national flag and shoe our respects toward the same.
Thank you so much everyone. May our flag keep soaring high and our nation keep on prospering to great heights. Amen.

Anchoring Script for sports Day Oath Taking


Now it’s time to show our commitment and determination by swearing in to the oath. Allow me to call our head boy ________ (name) for Oath taking ceremony. Will everybody please stand up and repeat the oath after _________ (head boy name).

I must say it was a lovely scene to witness indeed. Full of vim and vigour. It’s time to move forward and invite our chief guest for the address but before that can we show our guests our energy. Three cheers for _______ ites (school/college name)

Anchor Hip hip – Audience ____Hurray!

Anchoring script for Chief Guest Address


Now it’s time for us to call upon our honourable chief guest ______ (Chief guest name) on stage who found time out of their busy schedule and graced us on our annual sports day. We are extremely thrilled to have with us Mr._________(Chief guest name). Let’s hear it for __________ . (Let’s clap for )

Thank you so much sir for sharing your experiences and encouraging these young pupils to inculcate sports in their everyday lives. 

Anchoring script to begin sports event!


Enough with the protocols already, let’s actually get this ball in the court and knock it out of the park. Let’s see who will be the front runners and who will drop the ball? Remember the ball is in your court and you will get only three strikes or your will be out. 

Do you also feel that I am talking sports way too much ? I mean, Why not ? After all it’s our annual sports day and everything needs to be covered in sporty     coat. Anyways! I don’t want to take much of your time so that our future Virat Kohlis, Mary Koms, Sania Mirzas can get to their business. Allow me to declare this sports meet open. Kindly check out the schedule of respective sports and where the competitions are going to be held and Mark your presence accordingly. Put your hands together for __________ school’s name Annual sports day ________ (Sports Day name). Get set and go! 

Anchoring script for sports Day Prize distribution ceremony

“It doesn’t matter if the world don’t stop by.
 if they don’t hear your cries,
 if they don’t read your story.
It doesn’t matter they don’t believe in your glory.
So what, you have to begin again.
Remember you have so much to gain.
Leap over that wall and let the situation spin,
Because at the end, you win.
And this is the time when they will all come around,
Because you are the winner and you have left everybody spellbound.”

A winner is not someone who is a born winner instead a winner is someone who put





-zig Ziglar

Anchor 2: Here at _______ (School’s/ College’s name), we not only value the academics but we also understand the importance of sports since we know for sure that sports are necessary for a healthy life. Not to mention,  a healthy life not only changes your body also your attitude, mind and Mood. Moreover, When winning becomes a habit, a person strives to win at each and every sphere of his life.

Anchor 1: Here and now we are going to  give due recognition to the aptitude and acumen of our students, future sports persons of our society. It’s time for the prize distribution ceremony. For this, We have _________ whom we would like to call upon stage.

(After the ceremony)

Anchoring script to congratulate the winners of sports Day.


“Roses are red, violets are blue.

Congratulations are in order! We are so happy for you!”

Congratulations to all the winners. We hope winning becomes a consistent habit for you all. And to those who loose, there is always a next time. Voltaire has said that

“The biggest reward for a thing well done is to have done it.” And this is what matters the most.

Let’s all give us a pat on back for we have shown great sportsmanship and vigor today.

Anchoring script for Sports Day Vote of thanks

You can get the anchoring script for vote of thanks by clicking on the below mentioned link:-

National Anthem 

It’s time to bring an end to the fun filled Sports day with an ode to our country by singing our national anthem. Can we all stand up and pay our tribute to it?

(After the national anthem)

Thank you so much everyone.

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