Anchoring Script For Cultural Event/Annual Function- Part 2

Anchoring script

Anchoring script for Cultural Event




Anchor 1:

“Fashion, Turn to the Left

     Fashion, Turn to the Right,

Oo Fashion

      We are going to make everyone frown,

 We are gonna dress up our best

  And coming to town.”

-David Bowie


Anchor 2: The charm of fashion is infinite, though it stands different for every person. Some visualise clothing as a product, some as a creative manifestation of their persona and many use their dress as an easy and fascinating way to stand out from the crowd.

Anchor 1: So a member of the audience, we have a real delight for you today. Within few moments, you will get the chance to see our lovely divas and handsome hunks putting on a display some of the most glamorous ethnic/Modern outfits.

Anchor 2: This fashion display isn’t about looking good or having that perfect figure but about loving yourself and looking good in whatever you wear. It’s time for the high point of today’s jamboree our fashion show. All the lovely attires have been SPONSORED BY _____________. So let’s put our hands together for the ramp walk.




Anchor 2: Speechless: enchanting.

Anchor 1: Spellbinding: Blend of talent and beauty.

We for sure have a lot of future models and actors right here with us.





Anchor 1: I am still hypnotized by the charm of Fashion Show.

Anchor 2: Well come back now, let’s have a variation. Let’s come back to real life, let’s come back to the drama of life. Along with all the merriment and happiness of life it is equally important to bring out grim realities of our existence. If we see, In a way life itself is a drama and we are all artists playing our roles assigned to us by god. At the moment it’s time for our subsequent act i.e. a play Titled “ONE DAY.

Anchor 1: One day is a play about ______________ (Description about the play)




Anchor 1: It was a remarkable depiction of complications and emotions surrounding today’s man. The hall got all grave and quiet. Don’t worry our next performance won’t let you feel so and will completely metamorphose your mood.





Anchor 2: Doesn’t dancing make one blissful?

Doesn’t it free you from every damn care?

Dance like no one is watching and just revel in its sensation.

It Does not matter whether you have learnt Dancing or not? Whether you have taken any professional training or not?

What is most important is that your heart loves to dance!

Anchor 1: Now this dance form is touted to be the most elegant and the most graceful dance form ever that implicates various striking postures, movements and hypnotic formations which captivate the watchers from their hearts leaving them wanting for more and more. Our next presentation is going to be Contemporary dance.




Anchor 2: What an eloquent recital. The dancers have given sense to every emotion with their knack. Rightly alleviating the qualities of a great performer. Refinement, flair, panache and grandeur, the whole shebang.


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Anchor 1: Let’s take a jog down the memory lane of Gujarat and get ready to witness “GARBA”, the native dance of women in Gujarat. The ‘Garba’ dance is performed throughout nine nights of ‘Navaratri’.

Anchor 2: So, hold your breath and welcome the exuberant Gujarati dance performers with a big round of applause.


(End of performance)


Anchor 2: A sizzling performance by our girls!




ANCHOR 1: You know yesterday I was pondering over the thought that does college/School only means Study and academics? There are various another form of knowledge which are usually not being taught to one at the college. Colleges don’t teach you how to have empathy, they don’t teach you how to relief others in times of need, they don’t instill you with the ability of not hurting anyone and they don’t articulate you with the skills of saying sorry and thank you whenever necessary.

Anchor 2: Nevertheless here at _________ (College/School name) we not only furnish you with a proficient degree but we also try to transform you into an impeccable personality and this is something which stands us out. The ___________ (College/School name) represents achievements; zeal, hard work and triumphs of our team of Directors, Principals, Faculty members and of course our students.

Anchor 1: So, It’s time to confer our annual accomplishments and small and big victories. I would like to call upon stage Mr. ________ to present our Annual Report.




Thank you so much, sir. Can we have a big round of applause for ourselves?




Anchor 1:

“Roses are red, Salsa is Hot

Chocolate has calories, Dancing does not.”


Anchor 2: I hope you got enough hints about our next act.

Anchor 2: Wait for it. We are going worldwide now with our next dance performance. Dance of Love and robust “Salsa”.

Therefore, Buckle up your seat belt and let’s get ready to rock n roll.




Anchor 1: Wasn’t this mind-blowing? I feel like we got transported to Latin America.

Anchor 2: Yes even I can’t even stop my feet from tapping. You slayed it, girls.




Anchor 1: The secret of perfection in variety. In order to prove this statement lets go ‘desi’ after going international with our next dance performance. Coining from the state of Maharashtra this Dance form is a combination of ‘Maharashtrian’ peppy songs and dances which showcase various social sides in an enjoyable form.

Anchor 2: We are now about to witness our next enticing performance which is ‘Lavani’, traditional dance style of Maharashtra. So put your hands together for lavani on the song “Mala saude”. The stage is all yours ladies.




Anchor 1: What a Beautiful and energy filled performance.

Anchor 2: Truly sophisticated and well formed.




 “Don’t stop make it pop,

DJ, Blow my speakers up.

Tonight, I am a fight,

Till we see the sunlight,

Tick tock on the clock,

But the party doesn’t stop, No.”


Anchor 2: And our party is not stopping anytime soon. Now it’s time for some fun, frolic, ‘Masti’ and ‘maza’. Illuminating before you this full get-up-and-go kinda Punjabi dance medley of ‘bhangra’ and ‘giddha’.

Anchor 1: Let’s gear up to get immersed in some oomph, some vibes of joy in this upcoming flamboyant, and everybody’s favourite dance form Punjabi Dance.




Anchor 2: What a pulsating and sparkling act.

Anchor 1: Truly vivacious. Audience’s reaction says it all.




Anchor 1: There is a completion of every celebration, but we rely on the faith that there is never an end but always a beginning because the show must go on. An end is a commencement of somewhat new, something so worthy, something so inordinate. The beauty lies in relishing whatever we have in present and expecting the best out of future. On this note, we are moving further with the finale of this magnificent evening, Our finale act.


Anchor 2: :

” Mangalam bhagavan vishnum Mangalam garudadhwajah

     Mangalam pundareekaksham

 Mangalaya tano hari”

So let’s commence towards the breathtaking climax of this evening i.e. our finale ‘Vishnu Stuti’ A dedication to Lord Vishnu.




Anchor 2: This is what we call Finale.

Anchor 1: Amazing act. Amazing dance steps, Amazing costumes, what a grace and poise. Kudos to the choreographers for putting together this great act.


( End of performances )


Anchor 1: High-spirited presentations, Lively dances, Top notch performances, Stunning costumes, Too good to be true sets and most outstandingly, you, the audience. The people who made this show possess life.

Anchor 2: Today we beheld the greatest gala in ________ (College name ) history.

Now it’s time for a vote of thanks, I would like to call upon stage _______.


Vote of thanks

Anchoring script for the valedictory function:Click Here for script for – VOTE OF THANKS


Anchor 1: We are greatly appreciative of the fact that you all gave your best us and made this show such a huge knockout. We sincerely believe that you will incessantly support us with your awe-inspiring love and sweats the way you are doing, for the past years and in return, we assure you to convey you the best of what we have.

Anchor 2: Thank you once again all of you.


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