Anchoring Script for Cultural Event : Artists Meet!


Anchoring Script for Cultural Event!

“Arts meet”

This is an anchoring script for a cultural event, An arts meet to be more precise. It included Talk sessions from various artists from different spheres of art as such Photography, Fashion, Travel blogging, Fashion editing, Music and stand up comedy. We hope this anchoring script will help you in hosting your cultural event.

I. Anchoring script for introduction of the city where this cultural event is being held!

” This is the tale of a place,
Where whole shebang is pink!
One side there is hustling bustling city Life,
On the other a legacy of heritage Serenity that makes one be-think!

Be think that how could something be so culturally rich yet progressive,
How come a single place has so many folklores and aha moments to give!

There are so many things to see, so much to explore,
An aura of colors, one of a kind everyday lifestyle to go for.

This is the ‘Jaipur’, The land of royal,
Where relationships are coupled by heart,
Where people are still righteously loyal!”

-Chitrangi Sharma

II. Introductory Anchoring script for Arts Meet for artists!

I am talking about none other than our very own pink city- Jaipur. Jaipur is that one place which is not only aesthetically beautiful but it is full of art in every nook and corner of the city.

This is that one place where every inch shouts craftsmanship of a different kind. There are numerous gifted photographers, bloggers, models, musicians and what not.

So in Order to provide art and artists of any form whatsoever, we curated the concept of Jaipur arts meet.

Chapter one of Jaipur arts meet was held last year at __________ (Name of the place) & today we are all gathered here to attend this pre event for Jaipur arts meet Chapter 2 which is going to held very soon in near future.

We are all artists and being an artist it becomes our humble duty to help each other to climb the ladders of success. If we won’t support each other who else will. We should work as a community to bring each other forward.

So without wasting much time lets take the Event forward as we have an amazing line up of eminent speakers who are going to have some tittle tattle with us.

III. Introductory Anchoring script for First session speaker who is a photographer!

Session 1 – _______________ (Name of the photographer)

Our first session is about an art form which is sort of a hot cake now a days 👉🏼 Yes, I am talking about photography. You know I feel that photographers are sort of magicians.

They can metamorphose even a simple looking subject into something marvellous. It’s like the other day I saw a man drenched in sweat walking by WTP wearing a pagri and stuff and i didn’t even notice and the very next day I saw one of my photographer friends uploading the same picture with so much element to it that I feel connected to it. That’s the greatness of being a photographer.

Our first speaker is a young photographer from Jaipur who is only 26 years old but if we see his list of accomplishments it goes way beyond.

Not only he is a photography pro who has been featured by national geographic multiple times but he is into social work as well working with an NGO. Let’s welcome our first speaker of the day _____________ and kickstart this meet.

(After the photographer’s Speech)

Thank you so much we realized how creative photography can get. Photography is not only an art but science too. So many tidbits here and there.

IV. Introductory Anchoring script for Second session speaker who is a fashion blogger !

Session 2 – _____ (Name of the fashion blogger)

“Fashion is me, I am the fashion”

t’s time to move on to our next session which is a speak up on everybody’s favourite topic. It’s time for some Fashion Tales. We have this gorgeous lady with us who is not only one of the top notch fashion bloggers of Jaipur but an established model too. She is known for her Royal and elegant fashion sense. Let me invite on stage our next speaker Ms. __________ .

Thank you so much __________ (Speaker Name) . As ravishing you are looking today, your session was equally awe-inspiring.

(After the Speaker’s/Fashion blogger’s Speech)

After this fashion enlightenment, without much ado let’s move forward for our next session.

V. Introductory Anchoring script for next session speakers who are travel bloggers!

Session number 3 – ___________ (Name of travel bloggers)

There is a very famous acronym now a days ‘.YOLO’ You only live once. Yes this is true indeed. We get to be human only once so without any regret we should whatever we want to. For me Travel is my biggest dream. Travel is something which refresh one’s soul, body and mind.

To travel is to live,To live is to Travel.

Travel is one of the best pleasures of the world which completely refreshes a person’s soul, body and mind. The kind of joy which Travel provides is just unexplainable & incomparable. If I would be given a chance, I would want to live like a nomad only always travelling. And if one gets to travel with their partner it’s sort of a cherry on the cake. Our next speakers are living this dream into reality. This couple do not only travel but they travel with each other and that too on a bike, I can only imagine how fun this would be. Our next speakers are the couple that travels on bike. They specially came to Jaipur just to attend our Insta meet.

We have these travel bloggers who are going to share their drool worthy globetrotting experience in our next travel based session titled ‘Let’s talk travel’.

(After the Speaker’s/Travel bloggers Speech)

Thank you so much. I am feeling like I actually had a trip just now. I can only imagine how hilarious these experiences be.

VI. Anchoring script for Vote of Thanks to the Venue Partners!

________ Name of the Venue partner

Let me welcome you once again on behalf of Jaipur arts meet. This event couldn’t have been possible without the support of our lovely venue partners _______ and ________ from cafe casa de Amore. They not only provided us with this terrific automobile themed venue but extended their sincere support in each and every step of planning and execution of this insta meet up. I would like to call _______ from ___________ (venue name) on stage please.

Meanwhile, you guys can place your orders but make sure that you do not leave your seats or it will create chaos here. Waiter will
Come up to you and take up your order.
Thank you so much folks.

VII. Introductory Anchoring script for musical performance!

Name of Guitarist/Singer

So we have had a session on photography, fashion and travel. Now it’s time to revive the music buds inside us, it’s time for some music therepy. We have an amazeball budding Singer and Guitarist ________ (name) who will be soon playing for us.

Stage is all yours Girl.

(After the musical performance)

You are a rock star girl! Way to go!

Can we have some hooting for this phenomenal singer here?

 VIII. Introductory Anchoring script for next session speaker – Founder of a top modelling agency !

So our next speaker is a very interesting person.

He is an educator, he’s actually set up a school in the city. But the difference is that, that school is not for kids or something else, That is actually a school for upcoming models.

You know Jaipur has so much talent whether in form of theatre or modelling but what was lacking was a strong platform to give them a chance to come forward.

We have our next speaker who is the pioneer of the fashion and modelling scenario in Jaipur. Mr. ___________ (name of speaker) who set up Style agency for prospective models.

This agency not only grooms, trains and guide youngsters who want to become models but gives them amazing opportunity in the industry too. Most of the this style skool passouts are soaring national and international heights in the field of modelling. Can we have Mr. _________ on stage please.

So this was Mr. _______ top notch fashion entrepreneur of the city.

IX. Introductory Anchoring script for next session speaker – Disk Jockey DJ ______

Like Mr. _________ is one of the top notch pioneers of modelling industry of the city, Our next speaker is the pioneer of Party and clubbing culture in Jaipur.

He is that one person who actually made jaipurites familiar with what actually DJing and DJ is. I still remember our 12th board exams were approaching and we came to know that an actual DJ is playing at B2B which was then the only good disc in jaipur.

So we gfs thought of a plan and told our parents that we are gonna do group study at each other’s house and then went to B2B.

That was the first time I actually came to know about who and what a DJ is. The DJ in that party was none other than Jaipur’s most loved DJ, DJ _________. This session is going to be an unplugged conversation between DJ _______ and our audience. Let’s welcome DJ ________ on stage, who for a change will be on mike rather than being behind the console.

( After the speech )

So this was DJ _______ in an unplugged conversations with ______.

X. Introductory Anchoring script for next session speaker – Fashion Editor from UK

As you know Jaipur is a host to many national and international event. JLF being one of them.

So this year like every year it held at Diggi palace, I run a page called streetstylejaipur on Instagram where I try to showcase real Jaipur fashion.

Cz I feel fashion wise Jaipur has so much to offer. So I was in search of subjects at JLF, Although I find many beautifully dressed up girls but not boys not so many.

And there were few whom I found, when I asked to feature them and tell them about my concept, many of whom didn’t understood and those who did they Were very match apprehensive of the fact that I am going to feature them.

They were like Haww aap kya karoge humari pics ka? And I was like nothing.

Anyways it was my last day there and I was completely hopeless in boys department. No offence.

As I was about to leave I saw this guy standing in front of ‘samwad’ who was dressed in a white from tip to toe. He was dressed in a white pantsuit, PRADA glasses, Italian loafers and a golden broach over it.

I walked up to him and complemented him for his impeccable dressing sense. He was undoubtedly one of the best dressed men of JLF.

On talking to him I came to know that he is a Jaipur born fashion stylist/ fashion blogger from London who has been the face of many international fashion shows.

He is also one of the main initiators of first ever Gay parade in Jaipur. This guy loves to donn ‘saree’ and Indian jewelry and wears these things with such elan and grace that even girls would feel jealous of.

If there are any fashion lovers here you might have seen that movie confessions of a shopaholic, like there is a girl in green scarf there, for me this terrific soul will always be the guy in a white suit.

Allow me to call on stage our next speaker, A incessant and charmer and owner of a one if a kind vivacious personality fashion blogger and stylist Mr._______.

( After the speech )

You truly are a showstopper lady!

XI. Introductory Anchoring script for next session speaker – A stand up comedian.

Time for some comedy Dose, our next speaker to conclude our today’s meet up is a stand up comedian who is although an architecture by profession but he manage to make others laugh at times. so we have ______ taking up to tickle our funny bones.


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