Anchoring script for Freshers party

Introduction to the Freshers party 

Anchor 1.
'Hola guys.. Good morning/good evening...

(Saying again in a louder voice)

Anchor 2.
We said Good morning friends..

(After Freshers/audience reply  good morning)

 Anchor 1.
Naaa, By the sounds of your shouts, we can definitely conclude that this morning isn't so good yet.

Anchor 2.
But don't worry, it's going to get good. Not...

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Anchoring Script For Sports Day!
Anchoring for sport day

 It goes without saying that Sports are and should be an integral part of everyone's life.  Sports help us lead a healthy life and  Sports also teach us how to play honestly, win honorably, loose gracefully, respect authority, how to adjust with others, learn management and importance of time in the long run. It's a really great notion that schools and colleges these days are putting humongous ...

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How to learn English? Ten ways to speak English Fluently!
How to learn English

                                How to learn English? Ten ways to speak English Fluently!
How to learn English, English is that one language which is spoken all over the world. It not only helps us prosper at the professional front but also in many other ways. Learning to speak English is no rocket science, It is actually fun if you try to acquire its knowledge in following fun wa...

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Titles For Makeup Essay
Titles For Makeup Essay

                                     Titles For Makeup Essay

Hi, Folks, I know it is not easy to find the best title for the makeup essay.
We all want to find a catchy yet different title which not only attracts the reader’s attention but at the same time stands out to boot.
A simple yet creative title is not only aimed just at wooing the audience but it should sync with ...

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Anchoring Script for Cultural Event : Artists Meet!

Anchoring Script for Cultural Event!
"Arts meet"
This is an anchoring script for a cultural event, An arts meet to be more precise. It included Talk sessions from various artists from different spheres of art as such Photography, Fashion, Travel blogging, Fashion editing, Music and stand up comedy. We hope this anchoring script will help you in hosting your cultural event.

I. Anchoring scrip...

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Anchoring Script For Cultural Event/Annual Function- Part 2
Anchoring script

Anchoring script for Cultural Event
Anchor 1:
“Fashion, Turn to the Left
     Fashion, Turn to the Right,
Oo Fashion
      We are going to make everyone frown,
 We are gonna dress up our best
  And coming to town.”
-David Bowie

Anchor 2: The charm of fashion is infinite, though it stands different for every person. Some v...

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Anchoring Script For Cultural Event/Annual Function : Part 1
Anchoring Scprit

Today is the big day,
To think of how far-flung we have come,
And how afar we have to go?
Along with multifarious struggles and triumphs,
There is much more to thrive and much more to show.
Let’s rejoice the majestic journey,
This establishment had had up to now,
Let’s raise a toast to make it even better,
Let us take a vow!

Anchor 1: Good ...

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Anchoring script for the valedictory function: Speech for the vote of thanks and closing ceremony in a formal event!

Anchoring Script extremely important to close an event on a good note. Many of us might think that the closing ceremony of an event is not that important, that the listeners are in no mood to listen but it is not so. When one has hosted the complete event so well then it is vital to bring the occasion to an end in a professional manner. The Proper vote of thanks should be given to the person conce...

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Tips for Anchoring : Useful tips on How to do anchoring in an Event ?
Tips for anchoring

Tips for Anchoring
Anchoring is not an easy task, It is not a cakewalk to address a large crowd, making a connect with them and at the same time wearing multiple other hats and performing other duties too. You know there is a certain reason behind the presenter of an Event being called an "Anchor". An anchor is a strong object which is used to stop the ship from moving. The host of a program is c...

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How to answer interview question What is your weakness ?

 What is your weakness is one question which puts every candidate a very tricky situation. What should I answer, what should I not? Should I convert my strength into weakness or should I be honest? Such thought starts cropping up in a candidate's mind which makes the already nervous candidate even more nervous.
But you need not worry about it. This question is not as hard as it looks like to yo...

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