Things you should never do to a bride to be !

Becoming a bride and having a fairy tale like the wedding is every girl’s childhood dream and when the actual time comes there is be no one happier than her .

But then again, Along with all the happiness ,she has 1000 things to do in order to execute her dream wedding into reality.So it is nothing but natural that she might become a bit cranky and that she will be in no mood to take any negative comments in good spirit..:p

So here is a list of the things which you should never say a bride to be unless you want to loose your good relationship with her and see her turning into a bridezilla 😉




The list is as follows:-

1.Too much-unwanted advice

Remember folks this is her wedding and not yours and when you had yours you should have taken that advice into execution rather than pushing it onto her .Let her do the things herself .



2.Interference in her shopping decisions

” Oh no,don’t go for that! It will look really gaudy on you ” or ” You shouldn’t have bought this,This will not at all go with your weddings attire ” .Please , Do not pass comments like these.Although healthy criticism is always welcomed but don’t go overboard with it.


3.Passing comments About the groom

Oh yeah ! People actually do that ! “You are much better than him” ,”You deserved someone better ” or ” You could have done so much better “.Stop saying such things .Even though she might be your best of the best friend,She is gonna get married to this guy,you are doing nothing apart from putting negativity into her mind .


4. Disapproving her wedding attire

Now That is a sin you don’t wanna commit.Never ever disapprove of a bride’s wedding attire especially after she has had bought it.Even if you don’t like it ,being a good friend ,tell her ways to make that trousseau work rather than discourage her.


5.Criticizing her wedding look

Aww ! This is her wedding day.She is feeling so special like a princess waiting for her prince to literally come on the white horse and here you go “Oh god! she completely ruined your makeup  or “You looking so fat.” Here goes away her happiness. Don’t ever pass comments about her wedding look.If there is something wrong with it and you could fix it then only open your mouth otherwise keep it shut.



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