Six Huge Changes Which Majority of Indian Girls Encounter After Marriage

Marriage is not a bed of roses. It is actually an everlasting challenge which starts soon after wedding festivities winds up. If you are lucky enough you might go to your honeymoon (Yes, There are still lot of couples still don’t go to honeymoon for varied reasons) and when you are back or maybe not since you never went to your honeymoon, you are back to your real lives, ready to face those real life challenges. A day before the wedding you were your daddy’s little princess but hey! Ready to grow up within a day or if your in-laws are compassionate enough they might give you a month’s time to metamorphose. Ting! Women, being women have to face it more than their male counterparts, The Men. Since International Women’s day is approaching, Let’s take a look at these huge changes that pose a serious question to the freedom of women in India.


Mentioned below are six post-marital changes which most of the Indian girls face :-


1. Domestic Science

Ha ha ! This was actually one of the synonyms of the word house work. I chose this to sound more In other words, ready to do hordes of household chores. Now it is the time to show what you have got and what you have learned since childhood (Since we are supposed to absorb household work talent since childhood). And it doesn’t matter that you are not a pro at it and that you can’t take up all the responsibilities in a go, but you have to do these irrespective of all these facts considering you have donned the hat of wife, the daughter in law, sister in law etc.Also, you shouldn’t eat before all the members of your family have eaten otherwise it will be considered against the etiquette of a good bahu. Festivals will arrive not only to enjoy them will also bring along with them hordes of work. And Yes! In the majority of the parts of our country husbands are not even supposed to help, forget about dividing the chores.


2. Late to bed but early to rise 

It is pretty natural considering you are a newly married couple that you sleep late at night.

Ahem! Ahem! You know what I mean right but that should be no excuse for you not being able to wake up early. Now you are married and have to sustain the responsibilities of a full family so your “bahu”(daughter in law) body should automatically get all the stamina of sleeping late but waking up early. After all, you are not the only couple who got married , people have been getting married in this country since ages and all our mother-in-laws were sleeping late but waking up on time so you must also follow their footsteps.

P.S .- It is not mandatory for your husband to wake up early since he does so much hard working throughout the day whereas we just do meager household chores.


3. Dressing shenanigans 

No more shorts, pajamas, boxers or even gown for that matter. No more comfort dressing even while doing laborious house work. You are expected to dress up in a decent saree or if your in-laws are more adventurous they might allow you to wear suits. Yeaiiii ! That’s a big relief right. For some it is. Even getting permission to wear suits is still a struggle for many Indian ” bahus “(daughter in law ). And Since you are married now so this word comfort should not exist in your dictionary. Also whatever you do you need to do it in the same way you’re in-laws do or tell you to do since they know how to do everything and that too in a perfect way possible? It doesn’t matter even if you have a Ph.D. in home science but you just can’t beat them.


4. Constant bickering about having children

Initially, it was “When are you getting married “? Which has turned into “When are you giving the good news “? Now. FYI Giving good news is the standard term for asking when you are having the children. You will start hearing this term soon after getting married as if such whole and sole intention of getting married was to bear children. It is not that bad if it is confined to querying generally when are you planning to extend your family but it becomes hell irritating when it actually becomes a pressure and you hear advice like don’t use any precautions, If you won’t have a baby now you will remain childless for life, As long as you are the bahu of our family you will have to reap us a child. Yes! It happens and people say that. Your sex life which is surmised to be private has become a public discussion topic now. You might even get a refresher course on how to have sex to produce babies’ .And many couples actually succumb to this pressure and have kids not because they are ready to start their family but because their family wants a child.


5. Sharing a room and a house with different people with different habits 

You have to share the bed, the washroom, the wardrobe everything with this creature called your husband who is usually not as mannered and clean as you. Line up for a messy bedroom, unflushed commodes, clothes lying here and there. Besides If you are living with your in-laws in a joint family then you have to co-exist with them sharing the whole house, the kitchen, the drawing room, dining table everything with everyone. Plus you can’t even move a chair without asking yours in law’s permission otherwise they might feel offended. Since it’s their house and you are hanging in between of your parent’s house and their house. Start learning to live without any personal space.


6. Frequent Visits to your “Peeher ” (parents house) won’t be fathomed 

Yes! Now there is a term for your own house. From now on wards it will be called “Peeher ” and you can’t visit it every now and then because it will be considered a taboo since a married woman is not supposed to go her parents’ house frequently. The place where she was born and where she spent 25 years of her life, the place where she learned how to walk and talk, the place where everyone loved her and treated her like a free individual, the very same place where she was living until yesterday. Oh yes! I forgot one thing now you need to ask for your in laws permission to go anywhere. So gear yourself up to face these changes or be brave and make amends!


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