Quotes on Marriage That Perfectly Define this Relationship!

Twenty Quotes on Marriage That Perfectly Define this Relationship!

Quotes on Marriage That Perfectly Define this Relationship! Whenever we hear this word marriage, We tackle all pink and imagine a perfect couple living happily ever after in their dreamland. All the love stories are expected to culminate into marriage and a happy marriage is usually seen as the happy ending of life. But wait! There is more to it. Marriage is not a cakewalk, It is actually a series of relentless challenges. Mentioned below are few quotes on marriage which show the true picture of this presumably hunky dory institution.


•A Marriage is not a piece of cake. It is actually an unending challenge.


•In India, people get their son married in order to get a free servant for life. Moreover, there is a fixed deposit expected from the servant’s side in the name of dowry.


•Marriage is much more than two people living together. It is an onset of responsibility and accountability towards your partner.


•Don’t get married until you are mentally prepared in every possible way. A person needs a lot to bequeath in order to work out a marriage.


•We don’t get married to an individual only. We get married to his whole family indeed.


•Marriage is a sucker for romance. Knowing that you have that one person with you for the rest of your lives, Somehow Romance takes a backseat.


•Marriage is the most dangerous adventure ever, the toughest mathematics equation, an extremely convoluted science formula, rigorous back breaking labor and a nerve wrecking dream, the difference is that the dream is real.


•If you are willing to make a marriage work always be prepared to give your best without thinking about it pro’s and con’s and whether it will benefit you or not ? This is a marriage here we are talking about not a business pact.


•A happy marriage consists of a couple who treat each other as their first priority.


•Marriage is another name of compromise and adjustments.


•Long term marriages are not always the happy ones, Most of the time they are the union of people who jeopardized their expectations and happiness in order to keep it going.


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•Marriage is one of the most divine creations; it is actually the way of creation of a family thereby carrying on the universe forward.


•The first criteria for a happy marriage is the willingness to do whatever it takes to keep the marriage going.


•Marriage can be heaven or hell, depending on what you make out of it.


•Like it is mentioned in ‘Bhagvad Gita’,Do your karma, Don’t worry about the fallout. In the same way keep on giving your best to your marriage and you are bound to be happy sooner or later.


•Why do most marriages don’t work? Because we fail to contribute requisite time and efforts into it, Remember a Happy marriage demands your time and endeavor tantamount to what you devoted for your degree, your job & your big project.


•Don’t have time for your spouse? Then you shouldn’t have got married at all. A marriage is not just two people sleeping together by night; it is actually two people crafting a new-fangled life together.


•Marriage is a bank which needs time as an investment. The more you invest the more will be the profit.


•All a happy marriage needs is genuine efforts,
Not a serious of excuses and if’s and but’s!


•Remember no one will be with you at the end journey of your life apart from your spouse, neither the parents nor the kids so admire that one person who is going to be with you forever.


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