Positive changes which marriage brings into one’s Life !

Positive changes which marriage brings into one's Life

                                Positive changes which marriage brings to one’s Life.


1. Commitment

Now there is that one person in your life who is fully committed to you. Now you know that the base of your relationship is solid and there is no backing off or that fear of breakup and that the other person will leave you alone. That constant fighting and bickering and those constant threats of ending the relationship are no more. Now you have chosen the one for life and there is no looking back.  

2.Now you are a Team

You are not alone. There is someone who will stand by you no matter what happens. If there is stress on the professional front ,you can whine all about it in front of your partner. You know that there is someone you can always count on. Now your goals are not separate but in sync with each other. You not only work for yourself as an individual but for each other too. Now You can lay your head on someone’s chest and listen to their heartbeat whenever you want. Now You have somebody to wrap their arms around yourself and take you in their embrace for the whole night. Where Ever you go ,you go together. If people see one of you alone they never forget to ask you where is the other one. It’s like you have become two halves of the same thing.  

3.Someone to take care of

When you return home after a day’s hard work you know that there will be someone who will be desperately waiting for you with a smile on their face. If you fall sick there will always be your partner by your side to take care of you ,to pamper you. If you don’t eat on time there is someone to remind you of that. Even few types of research have shown that your health gets better after your marriage. Even a fever gets you more attention and care than ever.  

4.Our Home

Every human dreams of having their own home. Now you can have your own home which will not consist of your parents or anyone else but you both. Now you have to run it and manage it. Maybe this is called growing up and making up your own home and life and the world. Now your finances are together and everything you buy will be both of yours. Now there is a place you can proudly call our home.  


Yeah, that is one of the things most cherished about the marriage. You both reach a new level of intimacy. Now your love is stronger than ever and the level of intimacy you have will make it, even more, stronger. Also, reality factor has increased. Now you have seen each other in every situation whether it is pretty or ugly ,happy or sad ,all cheery or cranky as hell so you have started to understand each other a bit more, a bit better. There is nothing to hide now.  

6.You miss each other even more

Since you have started to live together, You have become so attached to each other now, More than ever so if one goes out of the sight of others, they tend to miss them desperately. You forlornly wait for them to come back to you as soon as possible.

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