There are some things in Life which have the power to weigh us down with just a minute reminder.

She was happy before this knock

Every time such deleterious vibes give her a STROKE,

Without knowing the feeling and the reason to the core

She stays there with a heavy heart and crying, soul!

It’s always like a splash of vibes on her face which made her smile

But essentially this smile sank her in the grave,

She always tries, trying to compete with this feeling every day

Twitch to find a way to make herself feel good and happy for a day!

She wanders around cities, tête-à-tête with unknown.

Laugh like felicitous, Love like swankier, live life like an immortal 

And one day she is there, again with her true wings,

Flying all around the world with no mindsets.

Again with all excitements and adventures in her mind

She is again in love with this universe.

 With the vibrant colour, saying happiness is mine.


There is a dark Secret which always knocks

And her smile turns into woes!

She will be exultant, Yeah she will be happy

But only till her Next STROKE!


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