Sometimes a Bad boy can be good for a girl : Real life fairy tale of a Bad boy and a good girl !

Most of the good girl tends to be drawn towards a bad boy; it is an inevitable datum, a quirk of nature. Opposites tend to attract and the badder the boy is, the more are the chances of a good girl falling for him.” People say opposites attract and the similar thing happened to me when I saw him, my then future hubby. I have always been a very mature and sensible girl but don’t know what came over me when I met this guy in an arranged marriage setup and I agreed to marry him.

He was a typical countryside bad boy who fulfilled all the physiognomies of being one. Can you believe he talked on the phone for like full 15 minutes or so in his typical ‘Marwari’ language even during our first meet? Not only did this he not even look at me once during our first arranged date. I always use to tell my friends that I will settle for a man for whom my heart will say yes, to be more precise “Jiske lie mere dil me ghanti Baiegi” Lol! And the bell rang but not for the perfectly settled, stable marriage material kinda guys but for him. We both are poles apart but our love keeps us intact.It has been 1.5 years since we are married and let me tell you this bad boy actually turned out to be so good and tender for me and he literally treats me like his princess. One who will run to get water for me even if I cough? It’s true. But this wasn’t an easy journey.

Although it took me a lot of time to open him up and fall in love with me. For first few months of courtship he wouldn’t even look at me in the eyes or talk to me much and even In our wedding pics too he is not even smiling or looking towards me but yeah all is well that ends well. During the initial days of our courtship, he communicated not as much. He is an introvert and takes his own time in opening up. But even I am no less than a pugilist myself who loves challenges. I did not give up and did everything within my bounds to warm up his cold heart towards me. I kept my patience and showered him with my love. Some might assume of my gestures as one sided love but I don’t consider so since I knew he is the kind of men who does not fall in love easily but once they do they will do it with all their might and main.I was so certain about this fact because of the following incident. When our meeting was arranged for the very first time I saw him coming holding his nephew and throughout the meet, he was so good with him. I had read a quote somewhere something like if a man is good with the kids; it means he is a softy at heart. So I got impressed by this gesture of him. Also when I asked him that why don’t you leave all these bad habits like drinking and smoking, getting into fights with people every now and then? He replied to me that I haven’t got anyone that important in my life for which I should left all this. Then it struck me I do have a scope Lol! But yeah! He sure proved to be a man of his words and did leave all this after the marriage.

After my wedding, I met with a severe accident and got a stark injury in my left foot. As a result of which I wasn’t able to neither stand up nor walk for a month. Since our flat is on the third floor and it was mandatory to go for doc’s appointment every alternate day, he uses to carry me off from the 3rd floor to the car and then at doctor’s and vice versa. That was the most adorable thing he or someone ever did for me. What stands out in our relationship is that even though being from entirely different backgrounds and mentality we do try to understand each other and support each other and try to make each other a better person. There are few things which I have learned from him and then there are some which he did from me.

Doesn’t every girl dreams of a bad boy who is gentle only for her? I am glad I found one and am married to him.





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