An Open letter to the world’s Best dad.


Dear papa,

                   Wishing you a very very happy birthday. Papa ,you actually are the best dad in every sense possible. I have been your little princess since always. When I was young and I did something wrong, I always use to confess it to you, daddy, because I knew that you will never scold me or punish me for it. I still remember once I was playing with the iron door swaying on it as a swing and then suddenly I cut my finger and blood started pouring out of it. Even though I was in immense pain and my mother was just in front of me, I looked out for you papa & when I found you I cried so loudly and after that only told you about the cut as I knew that you will not scold me but comfort me. I also remember the day when my bestie bunked one of her exams and on the result declaration day she requested you to go with us and to take her result to acting as her guardian and you happily obliged, but at the same time also instructed her not to do that again. This is how cool of a father you are. You rarely, I mean in rare of the rarest case yelled at us ever. You were not one of those dads who put restrictions on their child but the one who actually encouraged us to try new things. You taught us how to drive a vehicle at the very young age of 12. When I was learning how to drive a car I always use to feel comfortable driving with you Cz I knew you won’t keep on whining that don’t do this, don’t do that but supported me through the and even now you do the same. Papa, I respect you for the fact that you never forced me to compromise or marry a guy who I don’t like. When we grew up you treated us as an equal member and also took suggestions from us in taking any decision. Nor you ever pressurise us, me or my brothers to study neither you tried to impose a career choice over us.And let me tell you, dad, You were not wrong.See we turned out pretty well now. Your son is a Chartered accountant I one of the Big four’s and your daughter is a professor in a reputed girls college. There are numerous such occasions when you constantly prove why you are my role model and idol. If I start writing about them then even this lifetime won’t be sufficient. In the end, I wanna tell you that we love you a lot and if we could become half a great person as you are then it will be our biggest achievement.


Your daughter

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