An Open letter to the man who murdered the so called ” Love of his Life “


There was a girl full of life. Someone who was well liked by friends, her daddy’s little princess, the apple of her mother’s eye and his brother’s pride. Such a vivacious personality who wanted to do something great with her life. Slowly and steadily she was taking her steps towards her goals. She wanted to be a top notch Fashion designer and had begged an internship with one of the reputed fashion designers of the city. She was one determined and an ambitious young lady putting her shoulders on to the wheel of success.   image   If we put the whole shebang together everything was perfect in her life at first instance. But then there was something which was wrong, very very wrong something she failed to descry. Given her age and life experience it was pretty normal that she didn’t realise that people could be so dangerous, that anger has no limits. In her simple good all world there was no scope of such heinous, cruel and depraved acts. She didn’t even anticipate for once that something like this could ever happen and that too to her, Let alone decipher the tormenting nightmare creeping upon her. But Alas! It did, it happened. One minute she was alive and kicking and the very next she was reduced to nothing but a lifeless body. That beautiful soul was murdered so brutally by a cacodemon that even a devil would shiver seeing this. And that demon was nobody but you. Did you refer to her as Love of your life? Is this what your definition of Love? You cold bloodily murdered her and not only murdered her but tormented her lifeless body too. Didn’t your hands shiver when you butcherly stabbed her not once, twice but twenty-five times with a screwdriver? And as if such this was not sufficient you smashed her head multiple times with a cylinder. How could you, I mean how could you do that? I saw your photograph in a newspaper and all I could think was this innocent looking boy is actually a monster from inside. On first glance, you look like every other regular 22-year-old guy whose aim is to enjoy his life, go out with friends and at the same time focus on making his career. But No you are not one amongst them. You are a monster driven by your anger. What made you so full of rage that you barbarically slaughtered that innocent girl? What was Harshita Gupta’s fault? That she didn’t accept your so called Love? Or that she talked to some other guy? Or it was because she wanted to Make a name for herself and succeed in her life and in order to do that walked out on you? All of these or any reason whatsoever do not suffice to be enough to get her a fate which she received. Her only mistake was that she trusted you and may be thought that you might be convinced by a little assurance and delineation and went with you. Didn’t you ponder that, that girl trusted you enough to meet you and go with you for whatsoever reasons? And what you did? You tortured her and bestowed her with such a painful death that will put even professional murderers to shame. When I read the news in the newspaper it sent down the chills into my spine and I couldn’t sleep for a night and there might be a lot of others like me who started introspecting that what if this would happen to them? Think about her parents, It is being said that “Girls are like angels of a family, They are like those chirping birds who keep the gaiety alive, The minute they are gone they leave a gloomy silence & no glee ” and you ruthlessly snatched an angel from its family. Now they have to live with this dreary silence for whole life. If she would have been alive, She would have achieved her goals, Might have become a great Fashion designer, might have brought laurels to her family. If she would have been alive her parents would have got her married off to a great man who would have actually loved her and give her all she deserved not some psychopathic unwanted love like you wanted to impose on her. If she would have been alive she would have enjoyed her life to the fullest and her friends won’t be devoid off of her! IF SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN ALIVE! But she is not and the reason? The reason is you sick man. You are a sorry excuse to the human race and a destroyer of families both hers and yours. Do you ever think that how her parents might be dealing with the fact that their little princess is no more? That the doll whom they up bring with so much care and love, whose a single drop of blood send them in a wave of tizzy, was reduced to a lifeless body lying in the pool of blood? Did you think about your parents for once who will never be able to face this world? I wonder do you ever think of that sweet girl. I wonder if you have any idea of the agony you caused those who still mourn her. I wonder how you live with yourself from day to day. I wonder if you bothered to look into her innocent eyes before you took away her life. Didn’t you remember her infectious smile, her positive aura? My hands are shivering while writing this letter. I am reminiscing the incident when one of my friend went to meet a guy alone to end her relationship and that guy tried misbehaving with her but she got away in time. This could have happened to her too. This could have happened to anyone. Just because we have rebuffed a guy we have to be aware in every nook and corner of this world. Someone might come and throw away the acid or even worse we might get murdered. I See every other girl and feel this could have been Harshita. I see every innocent looking guy and feel he could a cold blooded murderer behind that innocent face.   harshita-gupta   I would pray to god that you get the worst punishment possible and feel the same pain you nonchalantly handed to her. But remember you might have taken away her life but you still neither have her nor her love. YOU STILL CAN’T HAVE HER! And her spirit will live forever through her parents, her brothers and through thousands of other people who are supporting her even after she is gone. RIP Harshita!   Sincerely, A girl next door  


  • blank Navin Dhawan says:

    you can also add the pic of culprit so that everyone knows about the culprit, we will share those images and make his life like a hell.

  • blank Sanjji says:

    True put the picture of the Devil and publicly shame and hang these murderers to teach these morons a lesson. THE LAW SHOULD CHANGE IN INDIA OF HIDING CULPRITS FACE INSTEAD SHAME THEM PUBLICILY AND MAKE THEIR LIFE A LIVING HELL.

  • blank Sapna says:

    Jayant is a bastard and shameless person he killed a girl and still living like a normal guy .just go to hell u mudrer jayant

  • Right! Please share the article as much as possible to create awareness about this case.

  • blank komal sharma says:

    seriously that demon never deserve to live a life ……….he must be thrashed badly …….

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