An Open Letter to all Indian Husbands from a Proud Housewife !


Dear Husband,

You assume that just because you go out to work and earn for the family you are superior and just because we are so called housewives who stay put at home and perform so-called worthless household chores, it makes us inferior. While we really appreciate that you work your ass off and earn for the well-being of the family, but today I would like to take this initiative and remind you of all the hard labour being put by us which might or might not be worth to you but it is not useless at all. Let me start with by and large normal looking everyday schedule, we wake up at least an hour before you in the morning and the first thing we do is prepare tea for you. It takes up at least 10 minutes. Then the next thing we do is put in order breakfast and lunch preps for you .It take us At least an hour and sometimes even more than that when we prepare something special and that too for you only .To make you happy. I don’t remember preparing anything special for myself after marriage. And yes you don’t always ask for your favorite dish and we do it ourselves as we consider it’s our responsibility but it still counts. We kneel the dough then make rotis, chop vegetables and then make curry and sometimes a lot of other things along with these and that too in this scorching heat where we are totally covered in sweat working in front of the gas. Yes, this is our responsibility but it still counts. If you hire a cook from the market he will charge At least 2000 /- INR to cook for two persons. Then we clean the kitchen. Yes, I know we have a maid who does all the cleaning and utensils but cleaning the kitchen is our responsibility .It takes us At least 15 minutes to unspoiled the kitchen. If we measure this in monetary terms, Anyone else would charge At least 500 /- Rs. a month for it .So here goes just about our 2 hours of the day . Then we wash down your clothes. I know you would think that there is a fully automatic washing machine and it is just a piece of cake that we just have to go and toss aside the clothes into it and get it going. But Let me tell you,Mister a lot goes that before that too , We sort out  the clothes and  classify which detergent to be used on which category of clothes ,whites to be separated from rest of the clothes, separately rinsing  formal wear and everyday wear , Some of these needs overnight soaking too. These things though look easy but take time. Let’s say it takes At least 15,20 minutes in sorting out clothes. I bet you were no aware of so many technicalities but there actually are , In order to keep your expensive clothes brand new. Followed by that washing the clothes and drying them out is also a tedious task. We have to take care that which clothes should be hanging in sunlight and which do not. The Same notion applies here – All this looks easy but requires  efforts. If you would hire a person to do all this, he would At least charge INR 2000/- a month .You think I am exaggerating? Go and enquire yourself if you ever have time. So here goes our one more hour. And yes this is our responsibility and you haven’t asked us to go all these encumbrances but we still carry out these duties so that our husbands don’t have to wear dirty clothes and they look presentable at their respective workplace. After that, We go to our bedroom and change the bed sheets and make the bed followed by dusting. Besides that, we make up the drawing room and organize things keeping them to their designated places. All the things which were misplaced, some of them which you and kids left here and there, reassigning them to their respective position. Ever wondered how did you get the house magically gets back to the same heavenly state by every evening? Yeah! I am the fairy angel behind this magic. How much time it takes? Any guesses! It takes half an hour straightforwardly. Let us compute its monetary worth, any person would easily charge INR 1000/-for this and also no insignificant person can do this if they are not familiar with your house. Then there is safety concern too. And yes you haven’t asked us to do this but we do this to make your house a home, to make your humble abode better. To make your world better. I hope you remember how it uses to be when you were a bachelor and how it is now? Subsequently amid all this, doing petty things such as filling water bottles and keeping stuff in the fridge so that they don’t get fouled. Yes! we do take care of all this too although you haven’t asked us to. Then finally we set out to have a bath and prior to that we clean the Bathroom, Washbasin, Tiles etc etc.Yes we even do such shitty chores too. We clean the commode which you always left dirty. And yes you haven’t specifically solicited us to do all this but we still do it out of our responsibility. I once asked a sweeper to clean the washroom and he asked INR 150 /-for a single day .Calculate this for 30 days 4500/-INR exactly this amount. And how much time it take .At least 40 minutes. By this time it is almost 2. Then we have our lunch and then collect the clothes to get them ironed. And one more thing you during all these chores we are fully drenched in sweat. Feeling like shit and stinking like a pig. On some days I feel no difference between a labour and me. After that as evening approaches again preparations for the dinner get going. And then you return home all tired , I  get tea ready for you, prepare Dinner, Clean the kitchen, keep things in the refrigerator, Ferment curd etc, and many other everyday rituals. So here we are, working for about 7 hours a day which are the standard job timings in the market. Performing chores worth Almost INR 10000/- and working our ass off in the terrible heat or nippy cold, sweating or shivering and still we get to hear that what have you done? ‘Tumne Kia kya hai’ ? And this is when we don’t have a kid as of yet, When we will have one, I am going to turn into a non stop robot. I agree you might not order us to do all these work and we do it because we feel like doing these. To make you lead a good life and tot fulfill your basic needs. But at the end of the day, we are doing it for you na?

So this makes our work useless?

Our devotion a waste of time? 

We are not entitled to any appreciation?

Rather we have to listen What do you do all day? ‘

‘Tumne Kia Kya h humare lie’ ?

Is it justified ?


All Housewives

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