An open letter to those who are demanding a proof of surgical strike


Wow ! Great Indian politics. We fell to yet another low in last couple of days when the political parties of our very own country started questioning the surgical strike. A video was uploaded by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal leader of AAP where this question was asked with utmost smartness in disguise of so called applaud for surgical strike. Spokesperson of India’s biggest opposition party Congress also hinted towards somewhat same. Taking this controversy to rock bottom level Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi added fuel to the fire by blaming our PM Narendra Modi to encash the sacrifice of soldiers and Indian army. I am really amused that the same Rahul Gandhi who praised our Prime minister Narendra Modi a few days back for surgical strikes is now accusing them to use these strikes for their own political advantage. Although I know politics is despicable and low minded but still I am feeling disgusted by these remarks. I mean come on folks, you are still more concerned about the political advantage BJP will get through publicising this act of bravery and are raising questions on it? If this is the credibility of these strikes in our own country then how would the international media believe us? In our rival country no matter whatever the case is, they always stand up for their nation even for the bad deeds sometime. They are always United And here we are, Ourselves backing pak propaganda. Celebrities such as Mr. Om puri are giving irresponsible comments over martyred soldiers. Sir, you said that who asked the soldiers to go on border and serve army? Let me ask you something. Who asked you to open your  dumb as a dodo mouth and utter such disrespectful shit about our soldiers. It doesn’t matter what your intentions were, you managed to degrade not only our soldiers contribution but your innate respect too.

Mr. Kejriwal, A grand salute to you. You have been backed up by thousands in Pakistan so much so that hashtag #pakstandswithkejriwal is trending. I hope you got the desired popularity you were hoping for. Atleast people from our rival country are backing you up and isn’t that every Indian politician’s dream? You added one more feather to our hat.

 There is a famous idiom in our country “Ghar ka bhedi Lanka dhaye ” ( The insider who is aware of all the secrets can bring down Lanka, city of Rawan in Hindu mythology ) and it is egregious that we have so many “Bhedis” co existing in our very own country demanding for surgical strikes videos and proofs. No need of any enemies indeed.



Why can’t we pull ourselves together for this one single time and withstand with our country? Why do we need to prove with time again that politics is politics and will remain that only?

For god’s sake let’s be together this one time and show solidarity for our nation’s interest. Let’s not give others the opportunity to mock us. Let’s not measure everything in the weighing scale of political advantage and in turn malign our own country and army. Shame on those shitty politicians who are giving such shameless statements. A big thumbs down. 

  From  An ashamed Indian   

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