An open letter to my baby on his first birthday

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Dear Baby,

I have always been a careless kinda person, reckless to be more precise. I never cared that much about anything and did things in a go without thinking about them much. I remember everyone ranging from my mother to my sisters to my friends advising me to be more thoughtful about things in life but I never paid heed, not intentionally but because it was how I was, it was my personality. When I came to know that I am going to be a mother I was elated, on cloud nine, I was excited for this news far more than anything I have been in my whole life. But at the same time, I got a bit stressed too. I got nervous that whether I will be able to take care of you properly or not? Whether I will give you the best upbringing considering my carefree attitude? How will I
hold a tiny living being like you? Will I be able to feed you or change your clothes since your body was so delicate then?

But you know it is said that nobody can learn how to be a perfect mother, it is God who gives you the power of being a mom and you know everything via your gut instinct. A similar thing happened to me, the moment I saw you, I knew that I am destined to be your mother. I felt such an instant connection to you that I started crying barely two hours after your birth Cz doctors took you away from me. This happens to ME up until now too; I can’t be away from you even for an hour, even if you are in the same house but in a different room.

And nobody reprimanded me to wake up at hourly intervals at night and check on you that whether you are fine or not? No one reminded me to feed you whenever you are hungry or even not. No one instructed me to sacrifice my sleep so that you could sleep properly. Nobody taught me to hold you bathe you or change your nappy but I do all this, spontaneously all by myself. I really do not know how did I become so responsible?

I started loving you more than anything and everything else in this world the moment I took you in my arms. I still remember your tiny little eyes, your first suckle, your first smile, your meaninless laughs, your cutesy yawns; the moment you first spoke something, more like made a sound, the day you sat by yourself. I mean each and every moment of yours. Actually, I cried on all these moments because that is how much important these things were for me. I realised that nothing can beat being a mother. This feeling is priceless. Now that you are turning into one, baby me and your father want to let you know that our life is you and your existence is our biggest achievement. You are the biggest substantiation of my love towards your father. My whole life is for you and to turn you into an amazing human being. And yeah! Whenever somebody compliments me for the way I am upbringing you I feel so proud that this is one thing which I am best at. See you changed me, baby, you metamorphosed me into a responsible human being for you. I am so overjoyed and sentimental at the same time over the fact that you are turning one. The thing which use to be just a little heartbeat inside my womb is growing up into becoming an adorable kiddo, completing one full year of his life in this outer world. I am so full of emotions right now that there can’t be enough words in this whole world to describe my endless love for you. I and your daddy love you so much and will always do. Happy birthday our production, Happy birthday, Baby.



With all the love,

Your Mother



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