Motivational Poems


Poem 1


So much to do ,time so less ! Have to prove my mettle Or I will be reduced to nothing but a big mess!

This thing called my dream ,eluded it for long ! But Can’t do it no more, This is one song which I wanna play along !

I know It is not a piece of cake, need to work hard with all my might and main. And I will do it , Without caring about all the pain .

I crave for my thunder, crave for it so bad. Oh god ! please be on my side, Give me the ardour , don’t let this fire fade !

I wanna rise, Rise and shine ! Out if these dense dark clouds. I hope I have a silver line. ” SO MUCH TO DO,TIME SO LESS !



A long way to go.. An endless road …!! Peeping for this thing called success.. Someone tell me ,Is there an easy way ,A code?

This desperation for perfection is becoming my foe.. Why do I want everything to be perfect ..! Sometimes it’s fine to be mediocre.. Should I learn to let go?

Real life is unfair .. Not a cakewalk.. Reality is tough.. The path is not easy.. This course is hell lot a rough..!

You try climbing up towards the peak, Cautiously taking one step at a time.. Just when you thought you have reached.. Comes a debacle.. And takes you down by a dime ” !

-Chitrangi Sharma


Sometimes I actually feel like that this desperation for being perfect and expecting perfection is actually a root cause of unhappiness.Why can’t we be satisfied with being average?Why can’t we be happy with being mediocre?Why do we want to be great ? Why do we want to make it big ? These thoughts surround me every now and then take the shape of such poems.

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