How to Stay Sane on social media during coronavirus crisis.


Coronavirus crisisHow to Stay Sane on social media amidst  coronavirus crisis! 

As whole country is Quarantined to prevent the further spread of Coronavirus pandemic, social media platforms and comments sections have become hotbeds for intense arguments over it. Such irresponsible social media behaviours are spreading rumours, sensationalism and affecting the mental Health of a well being to a great extent.
Here are some of the little ways to stay sane on social media during Covid – 19 crisis :-

1. Filter out your content Intake!

Whilst it’s important to stay woke, you must draw a line on the quality of content that you intake. Social media is full of negative details these days and whatever you feed your dear mind, it will react the similar way.

2. Mute Negativity.

Sorry but not sorry! There’s absolutely no harm in muting those people around you who are spreading negativity and adding to creating panic and havoc during these tough times. What’s most important is your peace of mind!

3. Control your urge to post controversial content on social media.

Whilst we understand that this Quarantine period has made many of us feeling like getting under other’s skin, it’ also important to behave responsibly  and not give rise to communal tension. Before posting anything on social media, ask yourself :-

1. Is it worth posting ?

2. Will this facilitate a positive change in current scenario?t

Also, don’t forget the fact that this situation is temporary but your relationship with people is long term. It’s not worth spoiling that owing to the reason of a social media argument.

4. Avoid overdose of Covid-19 related news.

One of the most distressing thing people are doing these days is to sit around Internet and watch for the hourly update of numbers which in turn just escalates the symptoms of fear and its effects. I can’t emphasise this enough. Watching Covid – 19 related updates 24*7 a day will only occupy your mind with tonnes of anxiety. Nevertheless, it’s not doing a favour to your mental health either. It’s a good idea to take Covid -19 updates only once a day and keep your mental well being sane. Even within family, How about you talk about other topics in order to not exchange and amplify each other’s worries.

5. Other Strategies

Amongst other things to calm down your panic stricken mind, what you can do is :-
•Watch cute animal videos or may be travel videos, whatever you find satisfying.
•Reading good books, yoga, dance etc are a couple of other ways to stay mindful.
•Reduce  alcohol and caffeine, which can increase your anxiety.
•Reach out to people with a positive aura around them and interact with them. These things also encourage you to notice what’s happening with your feelings in the moment in a nonjudgmental way.

•Lastly keep this in mind that This            situation is momentary and it shall also                                     pass.

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