This is how I grew up in a day ! Life pre and post Marriage .


One Random Day Scene – 1

Before marriage

It’s 8:00 the morning,I got out of the bed with drowsy eyes murmuring ,”What time it is a mom “? My mom replied “it is barely 8 o clock beta,Why don’t you go and sleep for an hour more naa? ” Mom knew that I was working on a project at night and slept late.And I jumped on my bed and enjoyed my sweet morning sleep for some more time.

After marriage

Morning 7:30 A.M. I wanna sleep as I slept late at night too.Also, I think morning sleep is one of the best pleasures of the world.But suddenly it struck me that I should wake up.I have to prepare breakfast for the family.Oh yes! I am married now. In the meantime, I hear a knock on the door.My mother in law was saying in her sweet voice ,”Wake up beta,It’s 7:30 already.” I asked them should I wake up your son too ?She replied in negative stating that he need more rest as he works hard the whole day and also because he slept late.The interesting fact here was I also slept at the same time as him but he is an exception whereas I am the “Bahu” (Daughter in law).   Scene 2 Before marriage Morning 9:30 a.m. Finally, I am awake and just lying on the bed checking my phone and doing nothing to be more precise.After 15 minutes or so I bestir myself and went to the kitchen to take my morning tea.Mom asked me what did I wanna eat ,I replied: “Kuch Bhi “(anything).Soon after that I went to the washroom to get freshen up and spent full 25 minutes there.I feel some things need time and this freshening up session was one of them. Afterwards, I went to my room and read both the newspapers English and Hindi.It took about 40 minutes.And then I found out that today’s breakfast was my favourite “Aloo paranthas”.Last night I had expressed my desire to eat “Aloo paranthas ” and here they were.Moms are so great,our very own fairy Angels. After marriage 7:30 A.M. I literally sprinted towards the kitchen without even having a visit to the washroom or getting freshen up as I was already late.Started preparing breakfast.I thought why not prepare the “Poha” for the same .But then I was instructed to prepare something else as no one there likes to eat Poha.After preparing breakfast I started doing prep for lunch.It’s was the month of May and it was damn hot.Drops of sweat are drenching from every part of my body.My face,my neck ,my nose everywhere.I got so irked by it that I wiped off my face with a dirty cloth which is used in the kitchen.Poor me. After this khana banao Session, I made my way to the washroom to get freshen up.I have this habit of reading newspaper in the morning.I looked for the newspaper all around but even after 10 minutes of thorough search, I could only find the supplement, not the main paper.I kind of looked through it within 2 minutes and went to the washroom.It has been only 5 minutes and my maid came running to my washroom knocking it and asking about some random stuff .Ugh ! I can’t find solace even in my bathroom !After freshening up I hurriedly took my bath since I had to prepare lunch too and Yeah my breakfast,About that -After spending so much time in the kitchen in this fucking heat ” being rotis” my hunger died nor there was anyone to insist me to have it.Anyways I don’t mind.   Scene 3

Before marriage

Umm after having my breakfast now it was time to plan out the day’s schedule.I decided to go shopping in the afternoon and then on a dinner date with my fiancée to one of the happening restaurants of our city in the evening but my fiancee insisted that I spend the whole day with him as he wanted to spend some quality time with me and took a leave from office for the same and I readily agreed.

After marriage

It’s about 11:30 and lunch are ready.I packed the tiffin for my husband and came back to my Room tired and exhausted but I remembered I had to wash clothes too.I collected all the dirty clothes and put it in the washing machine.It’s almost 12:30.Then I texted my husband that whether he could come early in the evening as I had to go buy some cosmetics and other grocery stuff and then maybe we both could go to dinner afterwards but he refused citing some professional commitments and also politely explained to me that my in-laws don’t like us going out so frequently.I tried to understand the reasons.   Scene -4

Before marriage

So I am already waiting anxiously for my finances wearing one of my sexy top and bottoms and my fav stilettos.Oh ! I love myself . So the man of the hour came to pick me up ,gave me the compliment that I was looking hot (which btw was my main motto of. Wearing that top ) and we both sat in his car and proceeded.I and my fiancee then went to a tea lounge in the city and checked out some clothes and it’s 7:30 hitherto.Oh my god, its evening already? Time is flying so fast.

After marriage

It’s evening now & I am thinking what should I prepare for dinner.In the meanwhile I prepared some evening snacks “upma” and cold coffee for my sister in law.And it’s still husband comes back to home at about 10.I think time has stopped moving and that it has become stagnant.   Scene-5


Wow !After a romantic dinner, we are headed to a long drive.He held my hand and I rest my head on his shoulders and the environment was so amatory that were just lost in it completely forgetting that we had our respective homes to return to.Suddenly I saw the time ,It was 11:30 already.One hour past my curfew time and he were driving so fast so he can drop me home on time but I just don’t wanna go home and be with him only,Wandering on secluded roads whole night,holding his hand ,resting my head on his shoulders,Being in his embrace.It’s about 12.My home is here and I don’t wanna go but I have to.Dad is awake but he doesn’t say anything.Everything is allowed once you are engaged.I went to my room changed into my comfy pajamas and waited for his call.He called me up as soon as he reached home and we started talking about all kinds of lovey Dovey things and that how much we miss each other and how great was the day and in,between all these, I didn’t realise when did I sleep.I was always the first one to sleep and my fiancee always uses to sleep once I sleep.


Sensing that I am upset that he couldn’t come to the home early my husband asks me to get ready at 10 o clock so that we could go meet my parents and my brother.I informed my mom that I am coming and mom told me that our dinner was there only.But still, I had to make dinner for other members of the family. I came to my “EX HOME” ,stayed there for 2 hours and it’s about 12.Calls from in-laws started pouring in asking why we were late and why we aren’t home yet?Time to leave.I still can’t believe that I don’t live here anymore and that I have to go.I looked at my bed,my comfy pajamas and my home sorry my ex-home.Dad is saying it’s late and you must leave.I came to my car walking like a robot and sat in the car, a car started and I keep on staring at my home until it was visible.The same place where I use to live for full 24 hours barely until a month back,where I spent 25 years of my life,the place which I fondly called my home and where I could wake up at any time ,could sleep whenever I desired, wear clothes according to my wishes ,where there were people who keep track of everything whether I had my lunch or not ,whether I slept properly or not ! Where the menu of the kitchen was dominated by my wishes and I was treated like a princess and a tear came outta my eye. We are back ,back to my “sasural” my new home and I went to the kitchen to check whether everything is in its place and everything has been kept into the freeze.Then I went to my room.My husband is waiting.We make love and then He sleeps.My husband is snoring heavily and I am thinking what I am gonna make for tomorrow morning’s breakfast ! This is how we girls grow up within a day,a month ,a second !

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