An Open letter to the world’s Best dad.

Dear papa,                    Wishing you a very very happy birthday. Papa ,you actually are the best dad in every sense possible. I have been your little princess since always. When I was young and I did something wrong, I always use to confess it to you, daddy, because I knew that you will never scold me or punish me for it. I still remember once I was playing with the iron door swayi...

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An Open Letter to all Indian Husbands from a Proud Housewife !

Dear Husband, You assume that just because you go out to work and earn for the family you are superior and just because we are so called housewives who stay put at home and perform so-called worthless household chores, it makes us inferior. While we really appreciate that you work your ass off and earn for the well-being of the family, but today I would like to take this initiative and remind...

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Motivational Poems

Poem 1 SO MUCH TO DO,TIME SO LESS! So much to do ,time so less ! Have to prove my mettle Or I will be reduced to nothing but a big mess! This thing called my dream ,eluded it for long ! But Can't do it no more, This is one song which I wanna play along ! I know It is not a piece of cake, need to work hard with all my might and main. And I will do it , Without caring about all the pain ....

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This is how I grew up in a day ! Life pre and post Marriage .

One Random Day Scene - 1 Before marriage It's 8:00 the morning,I got out of the bed with drowsy eyes murmuring ,"What time it is a mom "? My mom replied "it is barely 8 o clock beta,Why don't you go and sleep for an hour more naa? " Mom knew that I was working on a project at night and slept late.And I jumped on my bed and enjoyed my sweet morning sleep for some more time. After mar...

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An open letter to this society ” Apne yahan aisa he hota h beta “

Source : To, The great Indian Society aka Samaj I really wonder what kind of society, What kind of world we live in ? Seriously I am not a prude but we are actually a bunch of Hippocrates . In our society, in our so-called "Samaj" we are not being taught what is right and what is wrong rather what should happen and what shouldn't ? Hume, ye nhi si khaya jata that sa...

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An open letter to my EX : The person who will always have my heart!

To, The person who will always have my heart Love for me was standing at a place and giving, whatever you have and whatever you don’t, to the person you love. But when you do that for a person you don’t love, it leaves you sad and broken. How can I love others when I have nothing left inside? They asked me to pour my heart to this new relationship so I poured and poured and poured and now I ...

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