There are some things in Life which have the power to weigh us down with just a minute reminder.
She was happy before this knock
Every time such deleterious vibes give her a STROKE,
Without knowing the feeling and the reason to the core
She stays there with a heavy heart and crying, soul!
It’s always like a splash of vibes on her face which made her smile
But essentially this...

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A open letter of apology to my sister in law (Bhabhi) for making her newly married life a living hell! 

Dear 'Bhabhi',
I know this apology comes a bit late and that words can't change what happened but still I would like to apologize to you for making your married life even harder than what it already was. I haven't been good to you and done some really repulsive things to you knowingly and unknowingly.
Now that I am married and have a sister in law of my own, I realize now what a villainous siste...

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Sometimes a Bad boy can be good for a girl : Real life fairy tale of a Bad boy and a good girl !

Most of the good girl tends to be drawn towards a bad boy; it is an inevitable datum, a quirk of nature. Opposites tend to attract and the badder the boy is, the more are the chances of a good girl falling for him." People say opposites attract and the similar thing happened to me when I saw him, my then future hubby. I have always been a very mature and sensible girl but don't know what came ov...

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An open letter to my baby on his first birthday

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Dear Baby,
I have always been a careless kinda person, reckless to be more precise. I never cared that much about anything and did things in a go without thinking about them much. I remember everyone ranging from my mother to my sisters to my friends advising me to be more thoughtful about things in life but I never paid heed, not intentionally but because ...

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Lessons my first breakup taught me. Painful saga of a First Breakup !

Oh yeah! It was crystal clear now. It was true. This day had finally come. The day of our breakup.
After 1 year of our relationship, it was actually 'the end'. Just like everybody else I never ever thought of  such a painful end to our relationship. Like most of the 18-year-olds, I thought that maybe I am blessed with the prince of my dream and I am going to spend rest of...

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Ten hideous things every dark skinned girl has to Endure

Why did I have to be dark?
Not as fair as a white rose?
Why did you give me a color?
That everybody considers subservient
A color which I didn't chose!

Does my skin tone make me less of a human?
Why am I no beauty in the eyes of this world?
If this is not the case then why I am at the dead end of unwanted jokes and uncanny taunts hurled!

Why am I made to surmise?
That this color is so...

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An open letter to those who are demanding a proof of surgical strike

Wow ! Great Indian politics. We fell to yet another low in last couple of days when the political parties of our very own country started questioning the surgical strike. A video was uploaded by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal leader of AAP where this question was asked with utmost smartness in disguise of so called applaud for surgical strike. Spokesperson of India's biggest opposition party Congress also ...

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Can A Mother Kill Her own Daughter?

Look at this cute as a button baby girl, peruse at her innocent eyes, her captivating smile and her cutesy play acts to die for. How adorable is this little creature moving her legs and hands in an incessant motion as if such there is a competition on who swims in the air non-stop. Sometimes she smiles even when she is asleep as if recalling her past memories. Sometimes she looks at her mommy &...

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An Open letter to the man who murdered the so called ” Love of his Life “

There was a girl full of life. Someone who was well liked by friends, her daddy's little princess, the apple of her mother's eye and his brother's pride. Such a vivacious personality who wanted to do something great with her life. Slowly and steadily she was taking her steps towards her goals. She wanted to be a top notch Fashion designer and had begged an internship with one of the reputed fashio...

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An Open letter to the world’s Best dad.

Dear papa,
                   Wishing you a very very happy birthday. Papa ,you actually are the best dad in every sense possible. I have been your little princess since always. When I was young and I did something wrong, I always use to confess it to you, daddy, because I knew that you will never scold me or punish me for it. I still remember once I was playing with the iron door swayi...

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