How to get rid of gas : Home remedies

Gas, Acidity, belching, abdominal inflation, flatulence by whatever name it is called is usually a common phenomenon which affects a lot of us occasionally. But if it starts happening every now and then-then you need to be concerned about it. Regular flatulence, gas, acidity might be a sign of some serious problem such as stone, stomach infection, appendicitis etc. Following are some common sympto...

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Drinks to shrink that rock ribbed belly fat !

Belly fat is an arch rival of your beautiful body. Waistline and stomach are the places where fat just slips down as quietly as a mouse. And when you realise it, it is kinda late & it might peek out of your clothes or even worse you start encountering questions like "Are you expecting "? Although there are certain perks to it like you can get out of a traffic ticket by signalling towards ...

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